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5 Different Types of Plastic Plumbing Pipes Used in Homes

Indoor plumbing has been popular for a long time now and the materials used for it have also gone through major changes and advancements. The most common pipe materials used for decades were metal and ceramic. In fact even today in many of the old houses you will find steel, clay, and cast iron piping. But now plastic pipes have become really important and they play a huge role in plumbing. As compares to copper, these plastic pipes are much easier to work with like 22mm plastic pipe. These plastic pipes are not made from a single type of plastic and there are also several types of them used for plumbing. Whether you install the pipes yourself or hire a plumber to do it, this procedure can get a bit confusing because there are many different types of plumbing pipes to choose from and you need to know which one will best suit your project. For example, you might want to know which kind of pipes are used for water supply, sewage, drainage, or even exterior. The answer to this is more complicated now than before the main types of pipes people would rely on were galvanized steel and cast iron. 

PVC Pipe

PVC pipe is the type of plumbing pipe that is used for drainage or as a vent line. As compared to traditional galvanized steel pipes these pipes were much lighter and easier to work with and that is the reason why they gained so much popularity. Installation of PVC pipes like 22mm plastic pipe is also very easy and might need a hacksaw or miter box to cut it. Solvents can be used to glue these pipes together. PVC pipes are inexpensive and can be used for long runs. One major drawback of PVC pipes is that they might degrade in the sunlight. 

PEX Pipe

In the plumbing market, these PEX pipes are the most popular and the latest pipes introduced. They are also known as cross-linked polythene pipes. These pipes are only used in water supply systems. To withstand the pressure of water these PEX pipes are rigid but they are also made flexible enough so that they could be inserted throughout the walls, ceilings, and crawlspaces. Both professional and non-professional people can work with these pipes as it is easy to install and work with. They are also color-coded for example red indicates hot water and blue indicates cold water. They are also very flexible. 

Copper Pipe

For water supply within homes, a rigid copper pipe is used more often. By using a hacksaw or a special copper tube cutter you can easily cute these rigid copper pipes. There are no health risks associated with it that is why they are considered excellent for water supply. One benefits of these rigid copper pipes is that they can withstand intense heat and pressure. They even have monetary value because they are easy to recycle. But some drawbacks of these pipes are that you must hire a professional to work with them because you cannot work with them yourself unless you are a professional and another thing is that they are expensive. 

ABS Pipe

ABS pipes like 22mm plastic pipes are mostly used for ventilation and drainage systems. They look much similar to PVC pipes but one difference is that they are much thinner and softer. In order to find out where you can use this product, you must contact your local codes. They are stronger than PVC pipes are excellent for underground exterior usage. They can function well in cold weather. But one disadvantage is that these pipes may get deformed at certain temperatures. They often might not be permitted by the building code. 

Galvanized Steel Pipe and Cast Iron

Steel and cast iron pipes like 22mm plastic pipe, are two of the traditional pipes and are most commonly found in older homes nowadays. For a long time, the galvanized steel pipes were used for water supply, drainage, and gas supply systems. Nowadays it is not as much used as it was before especially not for water supply systems in homes. For sewage systems and other drainage purposes, cast iron was most commonly used. They are still found in many households.

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