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10 Creative Ways to Use Wallpaper in Your Home

The history of the wallpaper goes back to the sixteenth century and ever since it has gone through a huge revolution. In the start, they were used to decorate the cupboards and the merchant rooms. However, the modern era has completely changed the concept of using wallpapers. These days they can be used everywhere you like because of enhanced surface properties and marvelous designs. The modern wallpaper not only has a variety of options but it is waterproof as well. Just take a look around and if you find any place that doesn’t fit your ambiance, then just hire Shotcount Wallpaper Hangers to redecorate it for you. Below you can find some of the most creative ideas to decorate your home.  

Upgrade the dresser

Since you are out exploring some creativity, it is highly recommended to inspect each and every aspect of your room closely. While you are at it how about your dresser? Does it look too shady? If that’s true, then you can easily change its look just by pasting an attractive wallpaper at the front. Although, the sides of a dresser stay hidden, still, you can even go the next step and use wallpaper on the sides. This way you can easily turn a bad look dresser into something more exciting that would fit your ambiance beautifully.   

Get creative with a serving tray

The style isn’t limited to a few things but you can find it in anything and anywhere. Everyone has a different perception of style. Some like to decorate walls and some might like to use decoration pieces. Similarly, you can use the wallpaper to make your common serving tray look amazing. You just have to select a design that would look good in the tray and just paste it on the tray. However, remember to take the measurements correctly because you’d be using it for serving and an improperly cut wallpaper might not give a pleasant look. 

Install wallpaper on the border of a wall

Since it is the wallpaper and getting a bit creative with the wall isn’t a bad thing. There are numerous ideas to decorate a wall with the help of wallpaper, but not every idea can fit your ambiance. That’s why make sure you do a test run before pasting the wallpaper with the glue. Since there’s no limitation to the colors, that’s why choose something that complements the overall theme of the room. A good way to use wallpaper on the wall is to use it only for creating a border. Using it only on the border will not only look different but will save you some money as well. 

Decorate a closet door

The wallpapers empower you to go beyond limitations and do wonders. The beauty of wallpaper is that it can be used to cover the large and the small areas as well. Using wallpaper on the closet door is another good way of decorating your room. Now, there can be two motives to it, one if you are feeling creative and design your closet door. Second, if the closet door has lost its shine and looks ugly as you enter the room. You can use a single wallpaper to do it or you can also do it with a mix of wallpapers.

Create a unique hutch for your kitchen

When you are in the market and selecting a wallpaper for your next decoration idea, just remember that the wallpaper has different qualities. Some are specifically designed to use in the rooms and some types are designed to be used in other places. Good quality wallpaper can be used to decorate the hutch in the kitchen. Since you place your crockery inside, a good design at the back would give an awesome look. Just make sure that the design you choose fits your kitchen’s ambiance nicely. You might need a hand to remove the shelves to paste it at the back. 

Wallpaper mix for the wall

The world isn’t short of ideas to design the walls and there might ways that you didn’t explore yet to make your rooms wall look even better. For example, you have seen probably countless wallpapers on the walls and most of the time their solo beauty is exploited. However, you can use a mix of wallpaper to decorate your wall. Since the wallpaper can be cut into different shapes easily a good design can greatly impact the look of your room. Cutting it into strips of similar size and pasting it on the wall is another exciting idea.

Remodel a headboard

If you are under the impression that the use of wallpaper is only limited to the options listed above, then you might want to expand your knowledge. Because the wallpaper is capable of doing much more. Another creative idea to use the wallpaper is to past it on the headboard of your bed. Don’t worry if the headboard of your bed has lost its shine a wallpaper can easily cover it up for you. You can choose wallpaper with a wood pattern to restore the good looks of the headboard. 

Use wallpaper on the ceiling 

The wallpaper is a once-in-a-lifetime type of idea because even its creator wouldn’t have thought that he has created a versatile product. If you are remodeling your home and is difficult to select an economical ceiling design, then pasting wallpaper on it will not only solve the problem but it will save your money as well. Just make sure that the wallpaper design and color make a perfect fit for the rest of the theme of your room. Remember to take the measurements correctly because pasting it on the roof isn’t an easy task and a short wallpaper would be extremely challenging to install.  

Convert it into a table runner

If you are still chasing creativity with wallpapers, then you might find some very unique ways to use them. A good way to use wallpaper is to make a table runner with it. It just has to be cut to the proper size and it has to be waterproof to become a table runner. However, the selection of design is quite important because it is like making direct contact with the wallpaper. The size also must be chosen wisely and taking the measurements of the table isn’t a bad idea.

Make your stair risers unique

Now you have explored almost every corner of your home to decorate by installing wallpaper. Still, there a few more ideas that can help you remodel your home. For example, the stair risers can be decorated with the latest wallpaper design that fits your ambiance. You just have to pick a wallpaper that is waterproof. Since each riser can have a different shape or size, remember to cut and mark every piece of wallpaper with the stair number. 

The wallpaper is an amazing product and it can magically change the look of your room quite easily. The selection of design and colors is an important matter because every theme is different. It is an extremely useful and economical selection. If you are remodeling your home this summer, then wallpaper might turn out to be your trump card. 

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