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Best Web series on Netflix – Must watch During Lockdown

Hey Users, Welcome to our website. Netflix is a streaming service that allows its members to watch a wide variety of shows. It is one of the trending apps in the world and comes with famous web series and movies. In this post we will discuss about Top 10 series must watch on Netflix, So without wasting your valuable time let’s start.


Money heist also known as La Casa de Papel is a famous web series. It is a spanish show dubbed in English. It is right now trending on Netflix. Right now it has 4 seasons. The series is based on two long prepared heists carried out by ‘The Professor’ ( Alvaro Morte ), one The Royal Mint Spain and one on the Bank Of Spain.

The series was filmed in Spain. The series is based on the perspective of a strong woman Tokyo, (Úrsula Corberó : a character in MONEY HEIST), The Professor wants to carry out the biggest robbery in the history, For this he makes a Gang of 8 people that gathers for a single reason 2.4 billion euros.

CREATOR – ALEX PINA No. of seasons – 4 seasons

Details about Season 1 

Season 1 comes with 13 episodes. It is the introduction of every character. The season is Followed by a girl named Tokyo. She met a guy known as The Professor who plans to do the greatest heist in history. He wants to rob The Royal Mint of Spain. The season is carried by ‘The professor’ and 8 other characters named as Tokyo, Rio, Belin, Moscow, Denver, Oslo, Helsinki, Nairobi and a Police cop Inspector Raquel Murillo. The team manages to break The Royal Mint of Spain. Many twists and turns come in this season. The ending is finished by Raquel Founds out the place where the Heist was planned.

Details about season 2 

Season 2 is followed by season 1. In this season the professor falls in love with the Inspector. Moscow and Oslo also lose their life during a fight with police, Professor was caught by Inspector, Denver falls in love with a hostage. In the end Berlin sacrificed his life for the team and we also founds that Berlin is brother of The Professor

Details about season 3 

Season 3 starts with the romance of Rio and Tokyo. The police found Rio and managed to imprison him. The Police start torturing Rio and Tokyo went for help from The Professor. The Professor agreed to help Tokyo and he called every team mate. Now the Inspector Raquel is also on their side. They planned to attack the Bank of the Spain and asked for Rio’s Freedom but it is not easy as it seems. The season comes with lots of suspense

Details about season 4 

Season 4 is followed by season 1. The team manages to rescue Rio from the police but the police catch Inspector Raquel. In this season

many ups and downs happen The Professor loses his state of mind but he was able to make situations under his control. We lost Nairobi in this season. She was killed by Gandia, a bodyguard. In the end Professor manages to rescue Inspector Raquel but the series ends with the suspense of Professor caught by Inspector Incharge.

Stranger things Creator – Matt Duffer, Ross Duffer

No. of seasons – 3

Stranger Things is a famous American science fiction, drama horror web series. The series comes out in 3 seasons and season 4 is shooting and will be on Netflix soon. The story of stranger things followed by 4 friends in which a friend known as Will byers who is caught in an alternate dimension The ‘Upside Down’. In the first season the friends manage to rescue their friends from The ‘Upside Down’ they also find a new girl known as Eleven who has superpowers who helped them to fight against the monster. The season 2 and Season 3 follow the same story but the monster is becoming powerful season by season and eleven start losing their superpowers.

The season 3 ends with a suspense over dead of JIm Hooper

Locke & Key Creator – Joe hill

No. of seasons – 1

Locke & key is a supernatural drama web series based on the comic book series of the same name. The series has right now 1 season and directors are shooting the second season of this series.

The series is based on a key house which is magical and based on magic. After the murder of their father, The 3 locke siblings and their moved to their ancesetral house which may be connected to the reason of their father’s murder. They found there, Their father’s old friend who was dead and it was only a shadow of that friend. The shadow wants all the keys and the locke try to protect the keys

In the end it looks like they are able to defeat the shadow but in reality shadow manages to escape and the season end with suspense.

If you love to watch lil bit magic with a good story then you must watch this series.


Creator – Carlo bernard

No. of seasons – 3

Narcos is a crime web American series. It shows the true life spread of cocaine and drugs across the world and effort of law and enforcement to stop spreading it. The story revolves around the notorious Colombian cocaine kingpin Pablo Escobar and Steve Murphy, An agent who had been sent to Colombia to capture and kill him.


Creator – Beau Willimon No. of seasons – 6

The series is based on political drama and full of suspense, with evil twists and surprising turns. It is based on the dishonest schemes of cunning Frank Underwood. The series also focuses on character Claire

who is portrayed as a powerful female leader. Overall plots and nerve taking suspense makes this series one of the top web series


Creator – Melissa Rosenberg

No. of seasons – 3

It is a marvel character web series, Jessica who lost her superwoman  career after a tragedy and now had to live a normal life, which is not  normal at all. She becomes a private investigator and leads a  mysterious life.


Creator – Steven Moffat 

No. of seasons – 4

Sherlock is based on a lot of thrills, drama and most importantly suspense which leaves everyone thriller. The unpredictable drama and twists are super surprising. Update season 5 is coming soon


Creator – Anurag Kashyap, Vikramaditya Motwane, Neeraj Ghaywan

No. of seasons – 2

It is the one of the best netflix series watched in India. The series comes with wonderful twists, turns, plotting and adult language. The series is all about the journey of a normal guy to the underworld don. The main 2 characters of the series are Ganesh Gaitonde and Sartaj Singh


Creator – Mike Flangan No. of seasons – 1

It is a supernatural horror drama based on the novel written by Shirley Jackson in the same name. The story line of this series is how siblings grow up in a palace which becomes a haunted house. After becoming adult they come back to their place again to fight against the ghosts.

I hope you like these Web series. If you want to watch free these web series then you can take help from Free Netflix Cookies.

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