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7 Best Virtual Escape Rooms for Team Building in 2021

These days, the demand for soft skill knowledge is very high. The aptitude for team building, collaboration, and cooperation while working in a group is valued in every individual. People are opting to join several classes to develop these skills. And many look for methods that are both recreational and help in exercising the mental muscles to learn the same. A perfect example of such an activity is virtual escape rooms.

These online escape games are conducted via Zoom meetings and allow you to join forces with other people and work together under a stipulated time to solve puzzles and find clues for getting out. 

Laced with thrilling riddles, unique themes, and different levels of difficulty, these online immersive escape rooms are something you should dig into if you wish to work on your team building, communication, and time management abilities. 

Below is the list of 7 best virtual escape rooms that will help you to learn about team-building strategies in 2021: 

International Monster Hunter 

This virtual team-building game is 90 minutes long and allows you to unearth various bizarre monsters from across each continent of the world. You and your team as Cryptozoological Researchers will discover creatures like Bunyip, Chupacabra, Loch Ness, and so much more as you dive deeper into the game’s lore and solve to track and trap these unusual beasts. 

Facilitated with an energetic host over a secure video conference, you will thoroughly come to enjoy this team-building game and not feel left out even for a moment. 

Trapped in the Web 

It is the perfect setting for planning an all escape game to build your interaction and team-working skills through learning and entertainment. You can take your pick from 9 escape rooms featuring different themes with many levels of difficulty to choose from. 

One of the best team-building virtual games out there, it is also relatively easy to grasp and play along with due to the provision of text-based clues and stunning panorama to support it. 

Hogwarts Digital Escape Room 

Are you a Harry Potter fan? At some point, all of us have imagined ourselves having a magical experience of wondrous tales in the Hogwarts castle. If you have as well, then this escape room is perfect for you. 

Suitable for all ages, it needs a mere 15 minutes to play to solve three puzzles using your mathematical and critical thinking skills. This virtually magical escape game is enjoyable and will help you learn to bond and cooperate with your teammates within that short period. 

Tales of the Ghostly Galleon 

It is a theatrical escape room with a first-person experience and 3 to 6 live players. The plot follows around you and your research team getting sucked into the lost wreck of the Ghostly Galleon while exploring the Bermuda Triangle with your Zoom-enabled sea drone. 

You must break the curse in the game and escape before your mind and soul get lost in its abyss. It is quite easy to control online, and you get to solve the puzzles and learn the aspects of team building while playing this virtual escape room game. 

The Grimm Escape 

The Grimm Escape is a virtual game that specializes in providing family-friendly entertainment and team-building opportunities to everyone. With an intriguing plot that begins with you and your teammates solving puzzles and racing against time to break an evil witch’s curse from a virtual enchanted forest, you are in for a blast from the moment this virtual escape room game begins. Suitable for ages eight and above, it is one of the finest team-building games out there that you can easily book and enjoy any day. 

Space Escape 

What makes this escape room enjoyable and perfect for learning about teamwork and team building is its facility to let you play with up to 100 players. Playing as space cadets en route to Mars, you must unlock a series of rooms to regain control of your ship taken over by hostile and mysterious artificial intelligence within 60 minutes. 

A live host or the space commander is part of the team to help you sail through the breakout puzzle. Its narratives, with riddles and code-breaking challenges, make it feel like a real space trip. 

Arctic Survival Escape Room Challenge 

This virtual escape game lets you build your team cooperation skills while putting your survival aptitude to the test. Working together with your group, you must crack the codes and trace out your location for succeeding in the arctic expedition rescue mission. 

What makes this escape room game thrilling and hard to put down is its exciting levels of gameplay and the use of augmented reality. With a virtual host guiding you through the game, you will not regret participating in it. 


Virtual escape rooms may not fully substitute a real-life experience learning, but come close enough in teaching you about bonding with others and working together as a group for achieving one goal. These online team games help you develop a knack for problem-solving skills and understanding each other during the process. 

To verify these words, you can try one virtual escape room today and see the results for yourself! We are sure you won’t be dissatisfied.

Ana Hoffman
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