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5 Best Features of Shopify for E-Commerce Website

Shopify is one of the popular platforms that offer prominent features to curate a qualitative ecommerce website. Its system is known for the competitive edge in the market with upgrading requirements of customers. Using Shopify’s primary store, the merchants are provided with the full functionality of the online store. Hence, it is easy and straightforward to curate an ecommerce website, even for beginners. Shopify can increase the number of features to meet your website needs as per the competition in the market.

Unlike other market platforms, Shopify offers its shop system as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution. Thus, merchants are not forced to perform updates on their servers for security or host various network tasks. Therefore, saving IT infrastructure cost and installation fees for a webshop on your server. Moreover, you can outsource a team of skilled Shopify developers to enhance your website development process.

Top Features of Shopify to Use to Curate E-Commerce Website

Let’s take a look at Shopify’s features to develop your website as per the latest market trends and competition to sustain your business.

Easy Management

Using Shopify as a platform to curate your E-commerce site, you get access to the HTML (HyperText Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). The site can manage automated calculation shipping charges as per the location or priority of the shipment. The system setting in Shopify is curated to detect the importance of the order as per the customer’s address. It also helps keep automated reminders to clients if they added products to the cart but did not check-out.

Moreover, taxes involved as per the country code or state of the customer can also be calculated simply by Shopify. Thus, reducing the long hours of manual work and providing the business focus on its other core activities.

Shopify also allows users to manage and personalize their store from various devices like mobile and tablets. Every detail, including the products’ information, the orders placed, and the products available, along with the payment details and shipping detail, is synced between the site and app.

Simple Set-Up

Shopify helps its users curate a qualitative website even if they do not hold technical knowledge of managing the site. It is because Shopify takes care of all the technicalities that are involved in developing a website. Hence, Shopify helps in building the site quickly and allows going live within an estimated time. It offers a host of ecommerce web design services, including selecting from a vast range of 70 themes and 50 languages while building the website.

Nonetheless, each of these pre-designed templates is easy to customize as per the user’s preferences and requirements. With this setting, it makes the process easier to establish an online store without any hassle. Businesses also get the benefit of developing a mobile app to expand their business in the competitive market.

You also get to choose from multiple gateways from the various options available along with Shopify payments. Moreover, if you want to receive accurate assistance from experts, you can outsource from the top ecommerce development companies.

Store Management Features

Adding the feature of curating a profile becomes easier for the customers to their interests and demands in one place. With the help of client profiles, you can personally connect with your customers, customize promotional offers, notify them of their interests in new products, and several other benefits. Thus, it, in return, helps boost in-house sales activity and helps increase the company’s revenue. You can allow Shopify to manage your packaging and fulfill orders, including storing and shipments, without performing these activities yourself.

You can also partner up with other service providers like Amazon to manage different activities of orders. It also handles returning of orders, a refund of products, and updating your inventory and accounts automatically in many cases.

Hence you can operate your inventory without actually having a list by drop shipping. Drop shipping enables customers to place an order against a third-party supplier who then ships the order to your client. Thus it enhances the user experience. Moreover, for further guidance, you can outsource from the best E-commerce logistics companies.

Exceptional Support

Shopify provides 24/7 support to its users. You can find help on chat, call, emails with their team during emergencies. Moreover, they also provide guidelines, tutorials, and FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) to make it easier to find solutions for common issues. They also hold a team of engineers, developers, and advisors called Shopify Experts. Shopify lists the experts as per their specialization and charges. Here it makes the process easier and faster by selecting the one that points to a similar experience as per their issues.

Moreover, with the growing digital media and marketing process, Shopify’s blogs and forums help you connect beyond boundaries. It enables you to associate with numerous experts and leaders worldwide, allowing you to expand your network. Hence, helping you out with various activities and developing your research options efficiently.

Top-Notch Security

Security is the most crucial concern when it comes to ecommerce business developers, as any malware activity can hamper your enterprise’s safety and customer’s account details. Shopify takes control of all the steps that need to be followed to manage your enterprise’s security and clients. It also handles all the malware activity detected by the system.

Shopify provides a 256 bit-built-in SSL or Secure Sockets Layer certificate. It not only protects your data from cyber hackers but also encrypts all kinds of data and assists in curating organic SEO. Moreover, you can follow some steps to develop a secure website to allow users to navigate freely through their account without any hassle.

To Summarize!

Shopify here offers most of its services free. However, some are chargeable prices that are decided low for every business type to leverage its benefits. If you plan to expand your store online, Shopify is your best option, specifically if you are not a tech-savvy website owner. Thus it makes you independent of your business and can get your site running within days. Moreover, to market your business online using the right marketing strategy, you can outsource a team of experts from digital marketing agencies to meet the business needs.

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