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Benefits of Moving To Wilmington, NC

Wilmington NC is a beautiful historic port town that has been home to Dawson’s Creek, Baywatch, and several other celebrities.

It is an Eastern Coast town tucked away on the southern shores of North Carolina and comprises the majority of the best small-town charm coupled with the amenities in big cities. 

People who consider moving to Wilmington, NC are drawn mainly by the serene downtown life that the place offers, and the vibrant beach town a few minutes away that seems to add color to life. The location is a popular place for shooting movies too, with famous movies such as Iron Man 3, and TV shows such as Matlock, being filmed there.

By reading this article, you are going to be learning about the benefits of moving to Wilmington, NC. Want to know all there is? Keep reading.

What Are The Benefits Of Moving To Wilmington, NC?

Riverwalk Cruises And Riverfront Sunsets

Wilmington NC was birthed on the Cape Fear Riverbank, and part of the city’s character is still defined by the slow-moving water. The downtown riverwalk in Wilmington, NC has also been voted one of America’s best, and not just for any reason.

The Riverwalk runs through the Historic District of the city offering gorgeous views of both the city’s naturalness and other unique and well-defined architecture. 

People living in Wilmington, NC, can testify that a stroll down the riverbank presents one of the best attractions in the city; concerts, street fairs, waterfront dining, river cruises, and undeniably, some of the most beautiful sunsets you’ve ever seen. 

Are you still wondering if Wilmington is the right place? Remember having enough rest and recreation is important for good health.

Access to Incredible Meals

As discussed above, living in Wilmington, NC involves being near or on the water as much as you can. This opens you to plenty of dishes and culinary options that do not just include the normal meals, but you have access to fresh seafood also. 

There are countless country-style and old-school cooling arenas that are situated in the city, with several of them being in operation for over a hundred years. 

If you’re a fan of Southern comfort food or excellent food at all, then Wilmington is for you. 

Apart from soothing your palates, you also have the opportunity to take a long walk every morning breathing in and enjoying the cool fresh air.

Get To Meet People from Diverse Backgrounds

The people living in Wilmington, NC are typically friendly, warm, and inviting in a way that is genuine. You don’t have to “keep up with tradition” like you might be forced to if you decided to live in other parts of the south. The people there view your presence as an intentional act and therefore, would not treat you with disguised pretense, they simply treat you with warmth and friendliness.

You’ll also be exposed to meet-up groups where you all share the same interests, there you can meet people with like minds. One other great time is the Azalea festival that occurs every spring. There are also several other arts and craft workshops that occur throughout the whole year.

Affordable Housing

The housing in Wilmington is also very affordable. However, you might hear people complain about the cost of housing. This is because they tend to compare the average price of houses in the city to what is in the rest of the state. The median home cost in North Carolina is $185,000, however, you might expect to pay $228,400 when you live in this city. This means that it is only a little above the average cost of housing in the United States.

When you use the United States national average, the housing costs in Wilmington are about 114.1.

You’ll also discover that the prices on utilities, household items, and food are also very affordable as well.

How To Move To Wilmington, NC

Moving to a new area can be difficult, more so if you have to move with your family. It’s a lot to take in at once. There are several guides that show you how to move to Wilmington, NC at once, but practically carrying this out is not usually as easy as stated.

It is always best to look for a moving company in Wilmington. These are companies that assist you in moving from your state of residence over to Wilmington for an affordable fee. One of the perks you get from making use of a moving company is that you don’t have to go through the hassles and stress, they simply do everything for you.


There are several benefits you get from moving to Wilmington, NC. They include riverwalk cruises and riverfront sunsets, access to incredible meals, affordable housing, and meeting new people.

When moving to Wilmington, NC, it is advisable to hire a moving company as it will save you stress as discussed above.

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