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4 Freaky Reasons Why AI Could Get You Fired

“No doubt AI is a big blessing. But if you remember the classic quote, “Too much blessing is a curse” — that’s what happens when you tweak so much into automation or follow it blindly, and finally, it costs your job or gets you fired.” 


Does that make you wonder? That makes me too when I think about whether humans pretend to be busy or actually machines keep them. And if machines keep them, the contrary is they are made for automation, reduce human interventions, and give accurate results.

So humans pretend to be busy. They automate their processes using artificial intelligence algorithms and look for new opportunities, insights to get maximum in the minimum efforts, or any chance to multiply their profits into any number or make them understand any pattern deeply.

When they get to know something, they use them on crucial projects without running a few dry tests to decide whether the procedure is feasible or not. They even add many tweaks to the automation process and make the whole process complicated. And that makes a blunder, a significant loss to the business, and so on.

Just remember, too much automation gets you fired–and messes up everything you have as a brand or freshly started as your career. And to know how it can be costly, here are four freaky reasons why AI could get you fired with real-time cases.

4 Freaky Reasons Why AI Could Get You Fired ( Real-time Cases To make You Understand The Downside of AI)

If You’re a Digital Marketer, Works On PPC Campaigns, Be Aware Of Not Falling Into The Trap.

Tricks are cool hacks to lessen your burden or get you faster results. But what happens when you use them in the wrong way? It can cost you big (real big).

The same happens when you start with automated bidding without knowing everything about it or being very new to PPC and experimenting with all available functionalities with the maximum budget. You fell into this trap for the following reasons:

  • Selecting the wrong bidding strategy
  • Too high of budgets
  • Too low of budgets
  • Not enough conversion data
  • When you’re supposed to remove CPC caps, having them

Therefore, before you automate your campaigns with big budgets, always dry run it with the minimum budget, see the results and tweak where necessary to get the best results—other than trusting blindfolded automation bidding.

Though it makes your work easy, it always puts you in top-notch challenges, making you rigid without clear ideas when you need to be flexible and run successful campaigns.

And this way, it can save you from getting fired or making blunders in your performance marketing career with valid leads and conversions.

Uber Dig Its Hole To Let The Company Sink With Advanced Automation

The story of Uber was more likely a horror story, as its founder Travis Klanick has to pay for the CEO position in June 2017. And the whole world opposed Uber for its artificial intelligence gone wrong and became a massive story overnight.

It happened when the company was testing a few self-driving cars in California, powered by an AI computer, embedded with cameras and sensors, and failed to spot the six red lights and run through one of them in San Francisco, where pedestrians were present.

Uber blamed the incident on human error, but New York Times reporting and internal documents viewed by New York Times revealed that the mapping program couldn’t recognize the traffic lights and became the frightening mistake and danger for humanity that led Uber to sink in.

Self-driving cars are a great revolution for hassle-free driving and transportation, costing Uber’s founder to lose his CEO position and becoming the joke about self-driving cars overnight.

AI Works Like Charm: But What Happens When Staffs are Hired and Fired by Algorithms

Thus, AI plays a significant role in giving us a lifestyle that we dreamt of in the future—with many life-changing decisions. But using algorithms to hire or fire is always a strange thing to mind. Many flaws were already popping out in the future series. They are all about what it will put on the reputation of the company. And the employee who has to process through this.

The Trade Union Congress warned about what we call a massive gap in UK employment law to use artificial intelligence to make the best decisions and look into the work closer than ever. But the decisions were high-risk decisions reviewed by humans. But without fair rules, the AI at work leads to unfair treatment and discrimination—especially for those who feel insecure in their work in the gig economy.

Many workplaces are already using AI technologies for the initial hiring process, and if they clear those—they are welcomed for the next round with real humans—that’s always good for screening and saving lots of time.

But AI is getting more sophisticated and will be entrusted with severe decision-making like analyzing performance metrics and hiring suitable candidates. But that can happen smoother only when humans are involved in the process. But when you implement AI in the wrong way, it can cost your job with simple programming algorithms without setting proper guidelines.

Amazon Alexa Ordered Dollhouse on The Borderland of Texas

It was the most shocking news ever in the AI domain when a kid accidentally—or purposefully— ordered a dollhouse without the parent’s permission from an Amazon Echo device powered by Amazon Alexa virtual assistant.

Amazon comes with voice search and many advanced searches to provide the best user experience to customers. But this incident happened when a 6-year old kid in Texas asked Alexa, “ can you play with me and get me a dollhouse?” Alexa compiled the request, and in a few days, the dollhouse appeared at their doorstep and shocked everyone.

Their parents were more surprised. The next day when the news team arrived and reported the small girl’s story, even the whole of Texas was more stunned by what had happened and used Alexa carefully.

Final Words

Imagine how the world would be without artificial intelligence, so dull, right? When we look back to what we didn’t have and have right now. That creates a difference and adds simplicity to life, and when we see them experiencing something we have never done before, we see the magic happening.

That’s the power of artificial intelligence. The more you dip, the more you explore it. It’s a boon to humanity and the world for all the futuristic getting feasible—that’s the best part of it.

The real problem starts when you misuse them or add many tweaks to the system or give too much control that makes the machine control you. Huge blunders are always on your way when you can’t get control over devices. The above are the four real-time examples of how Ai can be a nuisance when they work or process in the wrong ways.

Whether you are a marketer who manages PPC or a CEO of a company manufacturing a self-driving company, or you recruit new employees or fire existing ones using artificial intelligence. Or you have installed Amazon Echo to turn your home bright—be careful what you do and never let AI become your boss, let you become over AI.

Ana Hoffman
Anna Hoffman is a part-time blogger who writes on Business, Technology, Digital Marketing, Real Estate, Lifestyle, and Educational topics.
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