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7 Ways to Boost Cell Phone Signal Strength for Free

Did you ever make a telephone from two tin cans and a string to connect them? Do you remember that moment when you raised one end to your ear with your friend at the other end some ten feet away and they began to speak into their tin can? The excitement and anticipation of walking in the footsteps of Alexander Graham Bell buzzed through you. You were going to relive a great moment in history. But then you heard a muffled voice on the line and realized the lack of clarity coming through did not correspond to adventure or fun any longer. 

Telephones have come a long way since the tin can phone but in case you still experience this lack of clarity with your calls from time to time we’ve put a list together of 7 ways to boost cell phone signal strength for free. 

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These days we have high expectations for the sound quality coming out of our phones but there are times when the tin can method seems like it might provide a better signal. We had a look into how to boost cell signals and here are our suggestions for you to increase mobile network signal in home for you to try before you start searching for the tin cans and string. 

7 Ways to Boost Cell Phone Signal Strength for Free

1 – Keep your battery charged – With all that your phone does for you, one of its main purposes is still as a telephone and a fully charged battery can ensure your phone is doing its best to divert power to the phone when the time comes to use it as a phone. 

2 – Get away from the crowds – When you are in a large crowd of people, try moving away from them if you can when you need to make a call. Everyone around you is vying for signal strength on overcrowded networks too and so you may experience poor reception or low signal strength for no other reason than a crowding of the airwaves. This may not necessarily be an “at home” solution but you’ll want to keep it in mind. 

3 – Find the location in your house with the best signal – As long as you aren’t hanging out of a window or standing on a chair, find the place in your home that offers the strongest signal. Is there a logical reason for that spot to be getting the best signal? If so, perhaps try to make the necessary adjustments in your home to increase other area’s signal strength.

4 – Avoid obstructions where possible We don’t want  you to knock a wall down but you may want to clear a room of any clutter or objects which may cause an interference with the signal to your phone. In fact, in the home, fiberglass insulation, certain types of glass and even plasterboard can interfere with cell phone signals.  A clear open space will be an optimum place to get a good signal though. 

5 – Turn airplane mode on and off – If your reception or signal is poor, try turning your airplane mode on and then off again. This forces your phone to reconnect to the network and oftentimes with the results of having an improved signal.

6 – Get closer to a cell phone tower – Check on sites like  to find cell phone towers nearest to where you and if you can, get closer to one of them. Once again, we know this isn’t an “at home” solution but you might not be far from a cell tower and can simply turn yourself in the right direction or take a short walk. 

7 – Switch to Wi-Fi phone mode – Just by switching from cellular calling to Wi-Fi mode you can oftentimes get a better signal because you’re using your Wi-Fi connection rather than cellular airwaves. 

So the next time you experience a bad signal or poor connectivity. Don’t reach for the tin cans and string first. Try any of these methods first. 

Ana Hoffman
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