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7 Tips To Keep Your Air Conditioner Cool During The Summer

In most of the areas in the world where the summers are too hot and dry, it becomes hard for us to bear the unbearable heat and humidity. This is where an air conditioner comes in really handy. This appliance works on drawing out the moisture from the surrounding air and keeping it cooler. This makes it important to understand the basics of how to make sure you keep your air conditioner cool during summer. If you don’t know what the proper steps are, this article is for you.

Keep Your AC Unit Clean

When you’re talking about keeping your air conditioner clean, this doesn’t mean just wiping it with a wet cloth every time you feel that it needs cleaning. What it means is actually washing it every time it needs to be cleaned to ensure that it remains free from dust and other particles that might end up clogging its vents and filters.

If you keep your air conditioner clean, then you’ll be able to enjoy a cool indoor temperature during summers.  

Test Your AC Unit

The importance of testing your air conditioner to ensure that it’s efficient and functioning properly can’t be stressed enough, especially when summer is coming. It may be a while since you’ve had your AC unit turned on and you certainly don’t want to wait for summer to come before you use it only to find out that it’s not working anymore. 

By testing your AC unit early on, you’ll be able to see if it has problems and get these issues fixed. Aside from testing the interior unit, you’ll also need to check the unit outside. Check to see if there’s any debris such as dirt or leaves, in or around the unit. If you do, be sure to clear them out to help extend the life and effectiveness of your HVAC system. 

Clean The Air Filters

The air conditioner’s performance largely depends on the efficiency with which it removes the pollutants from the air. If the filters aren’t replaced on a regular basis, there can be a drastic effect on the performance of the air conditioner and ultimately on your health too. The filters should be replaced on a regular basis because they tend to get clogged with dust, dirt, and other pollutants. Also, since the filters are usually quite expensive, it makes sense to replace them on a regular basis.

Consider A HVAC Tune-up

Aside from having your AC unit inspected and cleaned, you’ll also want to consider a tune-up for it. A qualified technician, like the ones from Air conditioner inspection Ashburn, is capable of diagnosing any issues with your HVAC system as well as fixing them before they become a bigger problem. 

Also, professional technicians are knowledgeable about the newest technological advancements in the industry, so they should be able to educate their clients on which upgrades or improvements are essential for your AC unit so it can keep running cool during summer. 

Install Blinds & Curtains

It’s also important to install blinds and curtains to ensure that the sun’s heat can’t enter your home. Even if you have the most expensive and high-end AC unit, it won’t matter if you let the sun’s heat enter your home’s interior, especially during summer. 

By installing blinds or curtains on your windows and doors, the heat from the sun will be reflected away and prevent it from entering your home’s interior. As a result, your AC unit won’t have to do so much work to keep your home cool during summer. 

Get A Programmable Thermostat

Investing in a programmable thermostat can help keep your home cool during summer. With a programmable thermostat, you can easily set the ideal temperature for certain times of the day during summer so you only use up energy while you and your family are at home. This also helps you save on your energy bills.

Upgrade Your AC Unit

Another reason why your home is hot during summer is that you might have an AC unit that’s already more than 10 years old. Having an old AC unit isn’t as efficient as a newer one, and you’re likely paying for more just to cool your home. It’s best if you upgrade your AC unit to a newer model that comes with advanced technological features to cool your home this summer more efficiently. 

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it! These are the seven most important tips on how to keep your home more comfortable during summer. If you have more questions or concerns about your AC unit at home, we suggest that you contact a professional technician right away so your HVAC system will be prepared for summer. 

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