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6 Tips to Help Your Teen Dress for Her Age

As most of us remember, a large part of childhood to adolescence transition is getting to make the decisions by yourself. It is also the time when teens will start figuring out what their style is, and your job as a parent is to ensure they find themselves while wearing appropriate clothes. To teach them that the way you dress can play a big role in how people perceive you but it is a key part of your identity.

Flattering Pair of Jeans Is A Must

There is nothing more important than helping your teen girl find the perfect jeans. No matter if they are ultra-skinny jeans or mom jeans, every girl must have a pair that fits her perfectly. By helping them find the perfect print of jeans you are helping her build a base for all her outfits, and you are ensuring that outfits are age-appropriate. Choosing jeans for teen girls can be quite a task as their bodies are often between sizes. Luckily, nowadays almost every style of jeans is trendy so there is something that will fit everyone.

Always Set a Good Example

Just like any teenager, there will be a lot of head clashing because they are experimenting with clothing and sometimes it’s just not an age-appropriate combination. Instead of saying don’t do as I do or do as I say so, set an example that they can see. Wear clothes that are age-appropriate for you, keep your body modestly covered and elegant. Then she will see that you can look nice and show off your figure without being immodest. By wearing clothes, yourself that are covering things that need to be covered, you are showing that your personal style doesn’t have to suffer if you dress appropriately.

Teach Her How to Style Basic T-Shirts

There is nothing more essential than having a basic-shit that you can style with everything. Even though every teen wants either white or black ones, make sure you provide her with a variety of colours so she can figure out what she likes and what she doesn’t. You can also provide a different style of necklines to teach her that there are ways to wear a V-shaped neckline in an appropriate way.

Provide Them with Accessories

If you don’t want your teen to wear a bunch of jewellery, introduce them to dainty jewellery like a stud ear piercing or elegant dainty necklaces. Because they are small, they will be allowed in schools and extracurriculars. It will let them still express their style as there are so many different colours and shapes they can choose from and you won’t have to worry about them breaking any rules. Teach them what are the best ways to style the accessories without looking tacky.

Jackets Are A Must Have

We all know that no matter how cold it is, your teen simply won’t put on a jacket to keep them warm because it is not fashionable. The key to not having them freeze in the name of fashion is to find a coat that they will like and that’s functional, even if it’s not a proper snow jacket it is better to have something than nothing. Keep them a neutral colour so they can wear them with every outfit. When it comes to buying a jacket, always compromise.

Let Them Have A Cute Bag

Aside from their school bag, you should suggest that you look into having a cute bag that they can carry their belongings in when they are out. Give them full freedom to pick out something that they will like, even if it’s not fully functional. That way they will learn how to accessories with different things and find their perfect style. And you won’t have to worry about them carrying their wallets and phones in their hands.

For teen girls, clothes are a very important part of growing up and learning about themselves. As they are determined to find their personal style it is important that you provide them with room to experiment and pick things on their own. Be gentle with them when they are picking out their things because they can easily misinterpret guidance for criticism and insulting. Make sure that you are using affirming words to give them tasteful suggestions.

Ana Hoffman
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