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SAP Analytics Cloud for Newbies

As we all grow, technology is growing with us. And with growing technology there has been a flood of data across companies which people found it quite difficult to handle. With lots of data, their accountings were also affected at a vast level resulting in huge loss especially to product based companies.

To ease the task of many and make this a little sorted, 5 entrepreneurs came up with an idea of standard application software called SAP ERP to process all the data. ERP systems came into play to minimize the blunders done by humans during traditional accounting. Today, SAP has become so prominent among the enterprises that it is helping even in integrating and dealing with all the processes. Every other company, including small as well as large scale industries are getting dependent on SAP for their businesses globally.

Importance of SAP Analytics Cloud

Not only with the ERP solutions, SAP also came up with several other software products which are getting both popular as well as reliable worldwide. One of them is SAP analytics cloud, an innovative cloud solution which rolled out from SAP analytics cloud and is formed with a blend of Business Intelligence (for report generation, visualizing graphs and discovering data), Planning, predictive and augmented analytics. It is the most trending analytics solution which runs on AI technologies and in-memory databases.

The most interesting concept about SAP is that it can either be used on private or public servers so no matter where you are, you can easily access SAP from any corner of the world. SAP analytics cloud is developed on SAP HANA Cloud Platform (HCP) which is an in-memory database technology with open-source system allowing many startups and developers to design their own cloud application based on HANA.

Top Features of SAP Analytics Cloud

Some of the features of this high-tech software are-

  • In-built analytics

Allow users to freely visualize the data in the form of analytics.

  • Centralized interface based on Cloud

Helps in data-driven budgeting and analysis for all.

  • Foreboding analytics

Uses machine learning for the analysis of data discovery.

  • Connectivity with Microsoft office

Easy importing data from SAP to MS-office

  • Secured data and access rights

All the data is secured and locked, only those can access their particular data who have rights

  • Multiple tasks in single app

Transactions, planning and analysis, visualizations all can be done through a single application

  • Can use SAP as well as non-SAP applications

Benefits of SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP data cloud has several benefits, some of which includes device management, authorized workforce and co-operative working operations.

Flexible Decision-Making 

Users no longer needed to sit in some room and then access SAP Analytics Cloud to allow managers to access the data related to business from wherever they like. Also, SAP has such user-friendly tools that allows anyone to access easily and make productive decisions.

Authorized Workforce

This solution helps users to access all the data anytime they want and hence, people gets reliable enough for making any decision. Also, they can enhance and optimize the business outputs by going through the encapsulated data to make better decisions for future.

Co-operative Working Operations

SAP Analytics Cloud allows each and every user to work as a team and be co-operative enough for enhancing the assets and elevating productivity. All can access from different corners so it makes let hindrance through work operations.

SAP also has a digital Boardroom so that employees can easily perform a meeting through it remotely depending on the agenda items selected by the presenter. The agenda item involves the Overview, content and the context screen for short summary, detailing of the content and elaboration of important topics respectively. Also, the business processes can be segmented into different events, after which the tasks can be assigned to the users. This can bring up the efficiency in work and also the work can be more systemized with a favorable outcome.

Why Should Companies Choose ERP?

ERP software market is expected to rise by $41.69 billion this year which is quite a huge inclination. Those who are already using it know how smooth this makes the functionality but for those who are yet not aware of the software is yet in a doubt about why it is so important for any industry. For the brief understanding, why not go through the following once-

  • ERF is helpful in saving money
  • Better coordination
  • Foremost analytics
  • Escalated outputs
  • Delighted customers
  • Liability
  • Adequate monitoring
  • Upstanding design drafting and planned resource regulation


Make the most of the advanced SAP analytics cloud software solutions to ensure the overall success of your business.

Ana Hoffman
Anna Hoffman is a part-time blogger who writes on Business, Technology, Digital Marketing, Real Estate, Lifestyle, and Educational topics.
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