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Nine Biggest Plus-Size Fashion Mistakes to Avoid

Your clothes are a mirror of your personality. Therefore, you should be confident about what you wear that gives character to your personality. Instead of caring about what people think and molding your personality, you need to be confident in your skin. There is nothing sassier than a woman who accepts herself the way she is and not gets carried away with the suggestions and comments of others. 

While many clothing mistakes are also associated with size-0, plus-size women need to be very careful about clothing to flatter their prominent silhouettes and generous curves. Nevertheless, eliminating a few common fashion mistakes can enhance your looks. Such avoidable flaws in your clothing choice make you look bigger than your size and age. 

Choosing the proper clothing is even more indispensable for plus-size women. More minor tweaks here and there or carefully picking your clothes when shopping can surprisingly change the way you look. Here are a few significant plus-size fashion mistakes that you can avoid to enhance your looks and feel more assured about yourself.

Choosing the wrong patterns:

Some patterns enhance the looks of plus-size women more than others. Similarly, the size of the prints can also bring a significant difference. Especially if you opt for a Maxi Dress, go for smaller prints and vertical patterns that make you look younger and slimmer. Always avoid horizontal blocking prints and stripes that make you look broad and do not complement your curvy body. Finally, you will look chic and fashionable if you opt for Plus Size Maxi Dresses with solid hues or smaller Polka dots. 

Not knowing what looks unflattering on you:

Another common mistake is to be unmindful about what looks good on you and the choice of dresses that make you look fatter. While it is okay not to overthink your chubby face or heavy thighs, ignorance of what constitutes a suitable clothing choice can lead to choosing dresses that suck. 

While nobody asked you to feel ashamed of what you wear and how you look, we emphasize knowing what looks unflattering and staying clear of it. Of course, you can occasionally indulge in buying what you desire. But if your wardrobe is full of what you like instead of enhancing your appearance, it is time for a complete revamp. 

Trying to hide your body completely:

Some of you might think that hiding your curvy body under baggy clothes always makes you look slimmer. It is the opposite in reality. Trying to cover each part of your body will make it more obvious, utterly opposite to what being slimmer means. Start with embracing your body shape and wear clothes that skim the body instead of burying it under clothes that are not your size. 

  • Being obsessed with the trends:

While it is a mistake that women of all sizes make, going with what is trendy and in fashion does not guarantee that it will look good on plus-size women. Drooling over new designs and pallets may make you oblivious of your body structure and what suits you the most. Most trends only look outstanding on a small number of people; others follow them like a herd of sheep and end up looking disproportionate in their clothes.

If you want to stick to current trends, try including new accessories instead of silhouettes that do not set you apart. Therefore, always analyze what suits your body structure before jumping on the bandwagon of new trends. 

  • Always picking black:

While there is no doubt that black has a reputation for making you look slimmer. But ensure that you don’t get carried away with this notion. Remember, sticking to just one color and ignoring others is one of the biggest mistakes that you can make while selecting your wardrobe. Mix and match and try new colors until you find the right pallet that augments your looks and complements your curves. You can try other darker colors such as blue or brown to add variety; don’t be afraid of adding brighter hues in clothing. 

  • Going for leggings all the time:

You might think that leggings make your legs look slimmer. In reality, Leggings make your curves in the lower body more prominent. As you walk, they become even more apparent. Instead, opt for a pair of trousers that flatter your looks and fits you perfectly. 

  • Shopping online all the time:

Shopping online is undeniably much easier due to the access to technology. It is also swifter than going to brick-and-mortar shops. But one of the most obvious drawbacks of online shopping is that you don’t get to try the dresses or check the material. This shortcoming of online shopping is more severe for plus-size women who have to be very careful about their choice. Therefore, visit stores and buy what looks good on you and snugs your curvy silhouette flawlessly.  

  • Choice of accessories: 

Plus size women have the advantage over others when it comes to accessories. You can choose more prominent pieces of jewelry and flaunt them perfectly. Similarly, carrying a larger bag instead of a smaller one is a prudent choice. It will make you look smaller in comparison. Choosing the right size and number of accessories will also draw the attention from your body and more on how you coupled them with the right jewelry for all the right reasons. 

  • Choosing the wrong length of sleeves: 

Choosing suitable clothing does not end at patterns and colors, but cuts and stitching also require consideration. What is flattering for one plus-size woman does not always work for others. Therefore, the skill is to choose the cuts and clothing that goes with your body. For instance, wearing cap sleeves or full sleeves when you have thicker arms may require you to think for a moment. A better choice is preferring quarters sleeves which is a safer option for most plus-size women. 


You will see many plus-size women overly obsessed with the size and shape of their bodies. On the contrary, a group of women is oblivious to their body and fashion requirements and size. Women at both of these extremes are prone to making wrong fashion choices. Therefore, being mindful of their silhouette is their best bet. To avoid making plus-size fashion mistakes, plus-size women should pay attention to the length, pattern, and colors, whether it’s a toe-length maxi or a summer dress.

Ana Hoffman
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