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New Tire Technologies To Know in 2021

In the era of smartphones, android TVs, AI-enabled speakers, self-driven autonomous cars, intelligent off road wheels and tires aren’t far behind.

Yes, you read that right! In the 21st century, generic tires and hostile wheels are no more fat, rubbery, ugly-looking wheels prone to punctures. Tire technology has evolved. We aren’t just talking about design upgrades imparting a sleek, stylish look. 

We are talking about wheels and tires capable of interacting with humans just like smart speakers, fixing their own punctures, offering eco-friendly benefits, and adjusting to the road and weather conditions. 

Astounding? Grab a seat! Because this read is about to get interesting. We’ve curated the best off road wheels technologies that are about to shape the future driving experience. 

While some of these cutting-edge, intelligent off road wheels technologies may not be available for the generic market for some time, their impact in the automobile industry is being felt today.

Let’s begin our ride!

Run Flat Off Road Wheels

If you’ve driven a car for even a few years, you must have encountered a flat tire. A flat tire situation can be extremely annoying and stressful. You need to halt your journey, pull out the tools and replace it and get the punctured tire fixed later. 

It can completely ruin the essence of a beautifully planned trip. 

Enter run-flat off road wheels. With run-flat technology, you can continue driving your vehicle at around 40-50 miles/hr, even with a tear or puncture in your wheel. 

Run-flat tire technology is based on the concept of having extraordinarily durable and robust sidewalls. The extra strength of the sidewalls imparts enough support to the tire. It allows enough time to drive your car to a nearby auto shop or a safe location where you can change it yourself.

While this technology is not a new concept, run-flat off road wheels and tires have started getting immense popularity in the current era. Some automakers have recognized the growing demand and started implementing the technology as a standard in new automobiles.

Self Sealing Off Road Wheels And Tires

While run-flat wheels offered a massive relief to many driving enthusiasts, self-sealing technology took the tire game to a whole new level.  

This technology was an immense evolutionary leap. With this technology, when generic tires or hostile wheels get punctured, a liquid-based sealant automatically squirts onto the tires and repairs the tear.

Contact-Area Information Sensing Off Road Wheels

First conceptualized in 2011, this technology is in a research phase in the US, Europe, and Japan. Contact Area Information Sensing wheel technology involves a sensor built into the tire’s internal wall. 

The sensor monitors the tire’s interaction with the road surface. It can give real-time notifications to the driver about air pressure, road surface conditions, tread wear, weather conditions, etc. It promotes driver safety. 

The driver can be notified to adjust the traction control or speed through a digital screen or any other monitoring module placed inside the vehicle.  

Next time when you go for a ride on bumpy roads, you don’t need to be on a constant lookout for potholes, worry about gravels or ice. With CAIS technology, you can get advanced alerts and adjust your driving. 

The new CAIS off road tires and wheels have the potential to become a crucial feature in the development of autonomous, self-driving vehicles.

Air-Less Tires

Rewind back to 125 years- that was the inception point of pneumatic or air-filled tire. Since then, car manufacturers have been burning the midnight oil to develop technologies for preventing flat tires and blowouts.

With the recent advancements, airless tires are paving the way for an impeccable driving experience in the future. 

Imagine a future where you can cherish the long drives, explore the beautiful landscapes without having to worry about refilling air in your off road wheels or the rough road conditions tearing them up. Plus, it can also reduce the negative impact on the environment. 

Although prototypes of airless off road tires and wheels have already been showcased by leading tire manufacturers, this technology is predicted to be available for commercial vehicles after 2021.  

Eco-Friendly Off Road Wheels And Tires

With many environmental activists preaching green living, many individuals have started eco-friendly lifestyle practices. We are seeing EVs gradually rising in popularity. So why not eco-friendly tires? 

Tire manufacturing giants are establishing the cornerstones for developing eco-friendly off road wheels and tires by replacing rubber with more environmentally friendly materials such as dandelion. 

Yes, that is correct! As surprising as it may sound, the tire research and development teams have already started finding innovative organic rubber alternatives. 

Researchers have determined around 1,000 plants species that could be used for developing tires. And dandelion tops the list. This technology may not be available currently or in a few couples of years. But, it definitely has the potential to bring pivotal changes in the near future.  

Off Road Wheels Developed With Space Memory Alloys

Conceptualized by NASA, this off road wheel technology with space memory alloys can withstand the rocky terrains of Mars.

Although NASA developed it for space vehicles, tires crafted with space memory alloy wheel technology can become excellent replacements to pneumatic tires right here on Earth.

The shape memory alloys have high load-bearing elements, ideal for undergoing high strain, unlike typical elastic materials. 

Space memory hostile wheels can endure excessive deformation without any permanent damage. It also enhances the load-carrying capacity of the wheels. 

Quiet Tires

Electric vehicles are gradually entering the automobile markets, with Tesla leading the way. And it’s no surprise that electric vehicles are incredibly quiet as compared to diesel or even petrol-powered vehicles. 

So having noisy wheels can be a huge drawback for electric vehicles. Enter quiet wheels and tires, 

QuietTrack, a quiet tire conceptualized by Bridgestone, combines ingenious rubber components with an innovative tread design. As it goes without saying, the core objective is reducing the tire noise and offering a pleasant driving experience. 

What’s Next? 

Most tire manufacturers aim to offer safe, luxurious driving within city limits and off road, bumpy terrains. 

Technologies like Intelligent off road wheels communicating with the drivers, self-inflating tires, eco-friendly wheel materials are expected to emerge and bring revolutionary changes in the driving experience. 

With integrated safety features within the tire itself, most drivers will experience a safer driving experience knowing they can rely on an additional pair of eyes and ears.

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