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Instagram Reels Facts Every Marketer Should Know (2021 Update)

Instagram Reels introduced ads that look like a standard reels video – full screen, runs 30 seconds long, sound on – and appears between the regular Instagram reels video content.

Using the Reels feature, Instagram users can film and craft 30-second video content with effects, audio, etc. Reels displaying on the Explore Page is a new feature assembled to reach new users on space and provides brands to grab new audiences via Reels ads on Instagram.

Make Your Instagram Reel

Choose the Reels option at Instagram’s camera bottom if you need to create a stunning reels video for your business or brand. You can get multiple editing tools on your screen’s left side to make your content visually attractive. It includes:

Speed: Select to slow down or speed up your reels video content or music you have chosen. It helps every content creator to bring slow-motion video content to provide additional impact.

Align: You can use this tool to continue from your previous video content to make seamless transitions for factors like sight gags, outfit alignments, or bringing new people to your reel’s videos.

Countdown and Timer: Bring up the timer option to record your reels video hands-free. If an Instagram user clicks the record option, a countdown 3-2-1 displays before filming starts. It is helpful for every business and content creator to come up with more creative ideas.

AR Effects: You could choose an effect from many effects from the Instagram reels effects gallery. These stunning effects are developed by the platform’s internal creators and creators team worldwide. Your brand could utilize this feature to promote events or new products.

Audio: search and find a song from the music library on Instagram. Also, you could record the unique audio that you can include in your creative reels video. If you share your reel’s video content with your fantastic audio, then that audio would be assigned to your brand profile. And if you have an Instagram public profile, people could create reel video content with your unique audio via choosing “Use Audio” from your Instagram reel video content. 

Sharing Instagram Reels Videos

Brands or businesses can share their fantastic reel video content to expand their visibility and showcase their social presence.

Instagram’s Public Profile

If you have an Instagram’s public profile, your brand could share reels videos throughout the platform, bringing you automatic likes for Instagram with massive reach to your reel’s videos. Also, you could share your fantastic reels videos with your platform fans via uploading them to your Instagram feed. Suppose you share reels videos with particular effects, hashtags, or songs. In that case, your Instagram reel video content will display on the dedicated pages if anyone taps on that specific effect, hashtag, or song.

Instagram’s Private Profile

Here, the Instagram reels section follows your Instagram’s privacy settings. Though many brands would be business accounts, you could share the reel’s videos to your Instagram’s feed so that only your fans will get your reel’s video content. And also, other users from the platform can’t use your unique audio from your reels video and can’t share your Instagram reels videos with other people who don’t follow you.

Watch Your Reels Videos

Instagram reels videos in Explore shows the great one of Instagram’s trending culture, and it could be a massive way to begin your brand awareness on Instagram reels. Instagram users could get infinite reels in a vertical orientation on the platform created by the users.

Some of Instagram’s reels would display in the feed section with ‘featured’ content. If a reel video is shown on the Explore page, you will get a notification to your brand profile. The reels videos featured are selected by Instagram’s public reels that help you provide unique content.

Instagram Reels Ads

The reels ads on Instagram are similar to the story ads on the platform. Reels ads could run up to 30 seconds, and users on Instagram reels could engage with them in the exact way they engage with ordinary posts. 

According to Facebook, the ads content on the Instagram Reels section would be vertical and occupy the entire screen like a standard reels video. Like reels, these ads also run nearly 30 seconds. Users could view, like, share, comment, and save Instagram reels ads.

Instagram reels ads displayed in the famous parts to access reels videos. It includes the reels in explore, reels in stories, reels in your Instagram feed, and reels tab. If an Instagram user clicks on any one of these parts, they will enter into the Instagram reels section as a viewer scrolling vertically to get more reels videos.

Mary Kyle
Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.
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