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How To Use Effective Hashtags: 7 TikTok Hacks

TikTok app came to subsistence in 2017. TikTok is continuously providing its hands to people through short-form videos. People reside thoroughly for entertainment purposes, whereas brand owners use it for marketing purposes. When marketers found their way towards TikTok, they didn’t expect the massive reach of the product. With proper marketing strategies, they capture audience interaction, thereby providing some offers to the audiences. However, the central TikTok fact is the content. 

A video produced is in the form of content which reaches people by providing satisfaction. All worthier content can get visualized by an effective hashtag. This session will give you the ethics of using a hashtag. 

  • Knowing The Niche Hashtag

A content speaks well when you make it unique among the community of people. Content can hold the place of For You Page when you create authentic content. For You, Page extracts the information based on your interests relating to your past TikTok interactions. Once you are ready with the content, add the right match hashtags to it. Good content and an effective hashtag make a perfect combo. 

Placing content on For You decides three ranking factors like traffic, user-interaction, and video information. FYP video placement is essential because it is a page where the videos act as people’s interests. The main goal of TikTok is to monetize the audiences and produce a video that likely impresses them. Relevant hashtags can be replaced when you don’t find the apt hashtags.

Niche hashtags are the ones relating to the content you are about to release. If you are looking for proper usage of hashtags, consider all the deciding attributes in the hashtags. Consider, if you’re about to post a video relating to tailoring, add hashtags #tailor, #tailoring kit. An exact match keyword will work wonders in the case of hashtags. Otherwise, find the one which relates to your niche. 

Content with a possible amount of hashtags is good sense for a productive video. Using a hashtag doesn’t mean your content would step into the trending videos. A consistent effort can gain you real audiences across your profile. 

  • Research On Hashtags

TikTok hashtags are one of the ways to find trending videos. On the other hand, hashtags grow the following rate and engagement on TikTok. Hashtags help you reach real audiences. Using hashtags can boost up the viewers on TikTok. When you get a whole new group of people, there are chances to grow TikTok followers. Instead of showing only content, open up to users on what you’re sharing. 

Adding trending hashtags on your content can boost up your video visibility. Moreover, proper research and implementation of hashtags can receive likes on TikTok for the content which is nearing release.When you don’t find the hashtag precisely in your content, select the relevant hashtags. Relevant hashtag research is processed through the discover page. Pick the hashtags that are trending and apply them to the video. 

TikTok Discover page surfs the trending events and the hashtags. Even the music can be a reason for trending videos. Surf the music through the TikTok discover page. A prior notice of TikTok’s current events can lead the way to success. Congregate all the events and select the concept which will work for you if you are blank. Consider, the eyeliner tutorial hashtag populates more videos, choosing the one who got more TikTok views.

  • Competitive Hashtags

Just like every business, it is necessary to know the TikTok competitors for the content. Glance the competitors on how they advertise and what they offer. Note each detail about the competitors to grab an idea of your way. Some will ask questions on how hashtags help find competitors. A simple way to find your competitors is by discovering them through the search bar. 

Brands can use hashtags that can compete with the opposite businesses. Also, hashtags are evolving and modified from time to time. Also, know the concept that what’s trending today will be changed within a month. Try to remain up-to-date to understand all the upcoming and present trends. Only by making some updates, your brand will look more credible and trustworthy. 

Regular use of industry hashtags might help you follow the relevant hashtags as well. When you check other content that uses the same hashtag, it will take you to the competitors of your niche. Browse hashtags to identify the competitors, where you will find the populated list of people. It helps to find the people who you don’t know or follow so far. Future content ideas can lie on the content which uses the same hashtag which extracts competitors. 

  • Hashtags On Brands Promotion 

If you are the person looking to promote the business, create your hashtags. Generating your hashtags can impact people and boost content visibility. The best way to market the brand is by using the branded hashtags. Businesses can grow their brand identity by adding new posts with their brand name. One of the main reasons behind the successive hashtags is they inherit the ability to expose businesses and brands. 

When you post for a promotion using hashtags, the followers will use the hashtags which their followers can further use. It is also the most accessible place to access all the UGC from one location. Also, brands reach the target audience by making their campaign visible. One best way to promote a brand is by using hashtags that combine it with a giveaway concept.

TikTok Branded hashtag challenges can help you out have a higher reach of the content. Challenges tend to go viral when the viewers are massive towards the video. Select the challenge that can apt the brand solely for awareness. 

  • Promote TikTok Challenges

Some people think a video reach is all because of the luck of the person. The judgment is not accurate, and a video gets life when you share them across several platforms. The existence of your profile calculates the video’s reach. The TikTok pro account does engage you towards the exposure of brands. At the same time, a profile account can get access among the vast population of the audience. 

Challenges go viral when the content is strong enough to sustain TikTok. Promote challenges to gain visibility and popularity. Challenges tempt people to make their version by glancing at the existing videos. When you add hashtags to the difficulties, it will directly place your content among the current feeds. Another way to promote the challenges is by using an influencers campaign.

Analyze the hashtag patterns and the commonalities on why they are viral. Moreover, If you want to push your video to the For You page, try considering influencer collaboration. 

  • Popular Hashtags On TikTok

Usage of popular TikTok hashtags is far more important than making use of the existing one. TikTok hashtags that are most popular are #foryou, #followme, #fyp, #follow, #loveyoutiktok and #tiktok. In some instances, modify the hashtags based on the concept you are going to post. Hashtags are the handy tools that motivate gaining content exposure and likes to your content.

For You and discover page can direct you to know more about new hashtags. TikTok can find the existence of a new hashtag through the search bar on TikTok. A hashtag is more critical for content because it is a total waste of producing unique content when you don’t use hashtags. The hashtag is also an essential thing to organize your content which competes with similar content topics. 

Hashtags used for educational contents: #edutok, #testbook, #knowledge, #education, #jobtips, and #learning.

Hashtags used for funny contents: #featurethis, #featureme, #prank, #trending, #blooper #comedy and #1minaudition.

Hashtags for health-related contents: #gym, #bestforhealth, #workout, #healthtips, #homeremedies, #healthiswealth and #stayhealthy.

Hashtags for beauty-related contents: #beautytips, #naturalbeauty, #hudabeauty, #unlockbeauty and #showyourbeauty.

  • Hashtag Types

  • Campaign Hashtags – A slight variation of brand hashtags is called campaign hashtags. Here, brands make customized hashtags for a specific marketing campaign. They are short-term effective branded hashtags. Though their lifespan is short, they for sure gain success in the campaign. Sometimes, hashtag campaigns promote a brand’s current product.
  • Brand Hashtags – Ultimate marketing goal of a brand is to discover a new hashtag for their industry. Only by generating a new brand hashtag people does make use of them. Create the hashtag simply so that people could surf them without any confusion. When you develop complicated hashtags, people will forget them. Significant hashtags can create an impact among a bunch of audiences.
  • Category Hashtags – Category hashtags indicate the main topics of the post. Also, they recite all the overall summarization of the post. The best category hashtags cover up all the generic issues on TikTok. In this case, it does not include the brands and their products.
  • Event Hashtags – Event hashtags designs the information of the current events. Trending events can fall under the category of event hashtags. Upcoming and popular events may relate to this field. 

Hashtag Tracking Tools

When you cannot find the hashtags through the TikTok platform, find some apps that suit your content. They are as follows: Brand mentions, Youscan.io, TweetDeck, Social Searcher, Twubs, Keyhole, RiteTag, Socialert, Awario, TWChat, Metricool, Hashtags.org, Tagboard, and many more. 

Don’t stuff too many hashtags to post. The limit set for the hashtags is about 100 characters for a caption that includes hashtags and spaces. Post content with a hashtag at the optimal times of TikTok. Posting time is a necessary criterion to ensure maximum visibility. 


Hashtag performance is a proper way to see how well the video adapts to TikTok. Hashtag tools might help you find the exact and relent hashtags to your niche. If you need to reach for your post, make an eye-catching hashtag or choose a trending hashtag for the content. The above hashtag planner will guide you on the right path for content transparency. 

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