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How To Run Facebook Ads For A Restaurant? Best Guide

Facebook has become a popular place to discover new things and trends. Data shows that 49% of web users prefer Facebook to search for new restaurants and read about them. Today, Facebook is an information gold mine for businesses because it has a vast data network that helps in being very specific with advertising outreach to entrepreneurs.

Facebook ads are successful if your approach is more innovative and specific. Each Facebook ad that you create is highly customizable, which helps in reaching the target audience. To create a Facebook ad, you have ample options to decide who your target audience is, based on demographic, location, and profile information. 

Then, you can move forward with the Facebook ad budget and the time duration it will be live. You can also select the type of engagement that you are playing to generate with the ad campaign, like impressions, views, clicks, shares, or likes, and direct Facebook algorithms towards them. Hence, to help you run a successful Facebook ad, we have pointed 9suchways to deliver the right ad campaign for your restaurant.     

11 Hands-On Advice To Run Facebook Ads For A Restaurant

Make Use of Location Targeting:

The first thing you must do before running any advertisement for your restaurant is configure location targeting. This is because promoting your restaurant in New York makes no sense if it’s located in L.A. 

To enable location targeting on Facebook, you have to set your restaurant location’s specific zip code in Facebook’s Ad Manager platform. You can also add a few of the adjoining zip codes to ensure that you have covered the areas you think diners might travel from to dine at your restaurant.     

Make Those People Your Target Who Would Possibly Dine at Your Restaurant:

Facebook is considered the best platform for advertising a restaurant because it offers a specific level of detailed targeting options. The precise targeting is divided into three categories, viz Demographics, Interests, and Behaviours, with each of these categories having its sub-categories. 

For instance, if your restaurant is a fast-food joint mainly for youngsters, under demographics, you can mention school and college students between the year 2020 to 2025, and under interests, you will find a foods and drinks sub-head where you can add fast food as your choice.      

Widen Your Reach by Targeting Lookalike Audiences:

Facebook comes with an option to widen your reach, which is known as “Lookalike Audience.” Lookalike audiences mean an audience that looks exactly like the original audience.

LYFE Marketing says that if your existing customer base has over 1,000 email addresses, you can add them on your Facebook account/page to target those 1,000 customers directly and/or create a lookalike audience for them (like a clone). 

With the uploaded email list, you will tell Facebook how your customer base looks and instruct the platform to look for people that match your uploaded customer base.      

Make Customers Interested in Your Restaurant With its Atmosphere and Interiors:

Coyle Hospital Group conducted a study that stated that diners consider ‘atmosphere’ one of the top priorities when choosing a dining place. 

The study also showed that even if the diners loved a restaurant’s food, service, and staff, they will likely not share a positive review with their loved ones only because of the negative atmosphere they felt at the restaurant.

Therefore, it is essential to develop a highly energetic and positive atmosphere and aura in your promotions and restaurant by pouting up classic quotes, diversified and vibrant interior concepts, and a lively atmosphere.  

Promote your Positive Largely:

Getting positive press or publicity is a must to boost your food business instantly. If your restaurant is lucky enough to pick up the game-changing press, you must keep its momentum going as far as you can.

To help you do this, Facebook Ads are always there where you can share the reviews of the legitimate and famous press (Like, IMDB for movies) who have showered praises upon your restaurant. Seeing such positive reviews from notable sources, people would come in huge numbers and make the reservations complete as soon as it starts.

Make New Customers Excited With Fun Free Events:

Free passes to concerts or freebies won in contests are loved universally. So, you can also plan some fun events at your restaurant around your restaurant’s birthday or any seasonal celebrations or a holiday and promote it through Facebook ads and event marketing.

Seeing such hot events online, people get excited to try their luck, helping you attract new customers at your restaurant. Like, June month celebrates pride and the rights of equality. Theming an event around this celebration would bring a sea of customers to your restaurant, only seeing your openness for all categories of people.

Make Your Staff Visible:

Quality and friendly service rank as the diners’ priorities when visiting a restaurant. Professionalism mixed with equal respect and warmth gives rise to excellent service, and quality services matter the most in the hospitality sector.

If you have got employees with the above-stated personality traits, why not promote your restaurant through them. They know their work best, and they also know what their work means to them to promote your restaurant in the best possible manner. Surround your Facebook ads with your staff and ask them to talk about the restaurant and their work in the most amiable, humorous, and organic tone.

Capitalize Your Seasonal Boosts:

Every business has one season in a year, during which its sales boost exponentially. And, restaurants are no exception to it. National festivals, public holidays, or any food festivals in which your restaurant specializes are mostly the season around which restaurants see a spike in footfalls at their restaurants.

Planning for such pre-determined seasonal time would help you increase your business and popularity the most. You can start promoting for such an upcoming seasonal period at your restaurant via Facebook Ads. You can post countdown advertisements or a campaign of what is being cooked for a particular time of the year. 

Such promotions lure people and make them excited much ahead of the time, which compels them to pre-book their reservation before it runs full.

Benefit from Ad Scheduling:

Scheduling an ad on Facebook is an easy and quick task that helps in posting your ads automatically at the time when you have scheduled it. If you think you will have a busy time in the coming days and you do not want to stop posting ads on Facebook, you have the option to create your campaign the way you want it and schedule at the date and time you want it to go online. Rest would be taken care of by Facebook.

Speak about the unique dining experience of your restaurant:

Every restaurant has one or more such features that make it stand out from its competitors and attracts diners towards it. With numerous restaurants opening every day, it is essential to make yours distinguishable.

Your restaurant’s uniqueness or highlighting point can be your star chef, any particular cuisine, cozy family style interiors, or a blend of all these factors. You have to make your plus point work for you in your Facebook ads by flaunting it soberly. 

The advertisement of your advantages in FB ads makes people fond of your food chain as it urges them to visit and dine at your restaurant.

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Advertise the happy faces of your diners:

Humans love to see positivity and positive people around them. Seeing smiling and friendly faces makes the fellow people feel lite, stress-free, happy, and optimistic. It makes them forget about all their worries. 

That is why it is essential to show the all-smiling, happy faces of your diners in your Facebook ads because on seeing such ads, users desire to feel the same happiness and experience the taste of your food personally.

Posting happy photos of your restaurant customers in your FB ads shows the users how pleased and satisfied they are dining at your restaurant. It immensely benefits in increasing footfall at your restaurant and creating a positive brand image.         


Doing restaurant marketing in the social media marketing world can be tiring and straining because of the high level of competition. But, at the same time, it can be fun and exciting too, as you keep pushing your imagination to be more creative and distinguishable in the crowd. 

And, to help you push your creative boundaries, Facebook ads are the best platform where you will find a lot of features to be creative and unique. HubSpot has researched the most favourable time to post ads on Facebook. The timings are like 03:00 pm on Wednesdays, between 01:00 to 04:00 pm on Thursdays & Fridays, and Between 12:00 to 01:00 pm on Saturdays & Sundays.   

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