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How to Optimize your Google Ads Campaign

Google Ads is a critical marketing tool that can significantly enhance your product’s positioning in the market. Despite the potential presented by Google Ads, getting the desired results is not a guarantee. You will need to optimize your campaigns to get value for your money. Using Adword extension, optimizing keywords, and scheduling ads can guarantee positive results from Google Ads. Here is how to get the most out of your campaigns.

Testing Ads

It is vital to test the effectiveness of an ad before deploying and implementing the insights gained. These insights can give you a glimpse of how your marketing goals will be achieved. You can leverage the Google Ads experiment tool that allows the creation of tests and control groups. The tool provides the ability to monitor results easily and implement changes. You can also explore the A/B usability testing approach that gives insights into your AdWords campaign that allows you to make changes without affecting the existing campaign. This website offers more insights into conducting a usability test for Google Ads. 

Ad Scheduling 

You need to identify the best time when your ads perform better. To determine the right time, consider your niche. For instance, if you are into formal business, it is ideal to run ads during the day instead of late at night. You can leverage the scheduling feature to determine if you want users to view whenever a customer searches online or on specific days. Below are the essential tips to maximize the scheduling feature

  • Disable your ad words campaigns during low-response phases
  • Schedule ads to show higher during days with the greatest conversion rate
  • Use location bid modifier to schedule bidding per city

Bid Relevant Keywords

Keywords are the foundation of any successful Google Ads campaign. Most importantly, the keyword selection process can be the determinant factor for the outcome of your ad. It’s advisable to leverage the AdWords’ Keyword Planner to find and select the related terms. In addition, take note of the negative keyword lists. Negative keyword lists can be used to refine your campaign since they provide the specific search terms used by the customer. 

Leverage Geotargeting 

​​Setting up your ads to target specific geographic locations is a Google Ads trick that should affect all industries. Geotargeting is critical even when the services or products do not rely on regions to sell. At the same time, you can use geo targeting to save money by preventing ads from showing in some areas to increase the likelihood of a conversion and increased bid adjustment in other locations.

Optimize for Mobile

The mobile penetration rate is surging annually, and your Google Ads campaign can benefit from this shift. Mobile-focused campaigns increase the chance of engaging with mobile users in their preferred format. Although it might be challenging to separate ads, you can review the conversion rate based on the device. If mobile outperforms desktop, deploy tools like positive bid modifier to mobile phone users. You can have campaigns designed as mobile-only campaigns through click-to-call extensions.


Google Ads is an essential marketing tool. However, the success of your campaign relies on getting the basics right. To maximize the returns, ensure you analyze previous campaigns and review keywords that have worked before. 

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