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How to Fix Errors on Torrent

uTorrent is a freeware and closed source client that is used by over a hundred million people. It is a widely-known and popularly used BitTorrent client. The primary function of uTorrent is to enable and facilitate peer-to-peer (or P2P) file sharing to distribute a multitude of data. It allows users to download various files by using ‘torrent’ files easily. A ‘peer’ generates a torrent file containing metadata regarding the shared files and the tracker. If a peer (or peers) wishes to download a shared file, they must first obtain the torrent file and then connect to the specified tracker. This helps determine which other peers will download the shared file fragments. Once those shared fragments are downloaded, the entire file is returned to the user’s operating system for access. AmTricks.com is one such site that allows you to track the shared fragments that are downloaded without any errors.

uTorrent is a highly convenient tool for downloading and sharing files all over the world. However, this sharing process is occasionally disturbed by some errors. Some of the usual mistakes are: System could not find the path specified, Files missing from job error, and Write to disk: access denied. Some plausible reasons for these errors could be a bad internet connection or tracker data, failure to connect to peers, no space left on your device, or that your BT client denied permission.

How to Solve the Error of ‘System Could Not Find the Path Specified:

The ‘system could not find the path specified’ error is one of the most common errors displayed by uTorrent. It usually occurs when the download location entered is invalid. To fix this error, try:

  • Ensuring that the file path is less than 256 characters. Windows usually have a maximum limit of 256 characters for file paths, and when you exceed it, you get the error of ‘system could not find the path specified.’
  • Checking space or dot characters that uTorrent might have added to the start or end, making it unreadable.
  • Deleting that file and associated files. Afterward, try redownloading the same torrent to see whether the same issue has been fixed.
  • Restarting uTorrent. Sometimes just turning it off and restarting it can help fix the error.
  • Ensuring that the destination folder isn’t set to ‘read-only.’ For this, check the properties of the destination folder and make sure that the read-only box isn’t checked.
  • Manually setting the download path. To do this, right-click on the problematic torrent and then scroll down Advanced > Set Download Location. You can do so for all torrents by selecting Option > Preferences > Directories tab > Put new downloads and then select the desired directory.
  • Switching back to the older version of uTorrent. Some users report that this problem persists primarily in the latest version and switching back to the older version helps fix it.
  • Double-checking the drive letter changes. You might be unable to save a torrent to the desired location if the letter has been changed to a non-existent drive letter.

How to Solve the ‘Files Missing from Job Error:

The most common reason for this error is that you might have renamed or misplaced the file that was being downloaded. After you start the download, uTorrent automatically creates a local file on your computer. Even though the file is still inoperable, it is made and completed as the client downloads the remaining fragments. This error message indicates that it is no longer able to locate the file to add to. To fix this error:

  • Replace missing files in their original folder. To do so, search for the file in your file explorer and then put it back to the original folder. And to find the original folder, right-click on the problematic torrent and scroll down to Advanced > Set Download Location. This will open up the actual folder where all torrent files are being saved.
  • Re-install uTorrent. In some cases, either the downloaded files or the uTorrent program files are corrupt. This can cause even the completed download to be incorrectly recognized, resulting in the current error message. The immediate solution is to reinstall the software without saving any preferences.
  • Configure a new download location. If you moved the file on purpose, change the default download location in the file’s preferences to the new site. The remainder of the download will begin in this latest download location, and the error message will be removed.
  • Try the “Force Re-check” option. To do so, ensure that the downloading is paused, right-click on the file name and then on “Force Re-check.”
  • Rename the file/folder. You might’ve changed the file’s name unintentionally. Changing it back to the old name can help fix this error.

How to Solve the Error of ‘Write to Disk: Access Denied’:

This error usually occurs in Windows 10 because Microsoft has decided to take permissions from uTorrent. To solve this:

  • Right-click on the uTorrent shortcut on your desktop > navigate to the Compatibility tab > select the “Run as Administrator” option > confirm your selection and check for any changes.
  • You can also try checking the HDD health and firewall, disabling antivirus, ensuring that the download location is set correctly, and deleting any updated files.

uTorrent is a convenient and easy way to share files, through the medium of the internet, all over the world. Though, sometimes it may present some problems or errors. Thankfully, these errors can be fixed. You might need to get concrete solutions for some issues, but usually restarting or re-installing the application might help in most cases.

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