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The Future of AI Technology

Society has been through a massive transformation. What we know as technology and practices in the past are obsolete. There have been changes that made our lives easy and better, particularly the rise of digital technology.

Our transition to a more digital world has given plenty of individuals opportunities for employment, better health access, more businesses, and more. With the help of digital transformation, we were able to survive the Covid-19 pandemic.

Humans are even developing new technologies as you are reading this. That’s how we are able to improve the way we live.

Artificial Intelligence is among the technological advancements developers are working on. Although AI was first introduced in the 20th century, it is still undergoing development and improvement. Currently, it has been a great help to multiple industries and even in the daily lives of individuals.

As we create a more technologically advanced future, we are to expect AI to move forward too. AI will be introduced more frequently into multiple fields and bring convenience to humans.

What are The Benefits of Artificial Intelligence?

Currently, AI has been part of most industries. When conducting business or shopping, we do experience the power of AI. But in the future, we will expect more from it.

Reduce Repetitive Task

Some jobs require a routine task that can be dull, such as sending emails, answering comments, and so on. But AI can take care of these repetitive tasks. Hence, leaving humans to work on more creative and complicated work.

Chatbots and Digital Assistants

Digital assistants are used by most modern enterprises to engage with customers. Hence, reducing the requirement for human personnel. Digital assistants supply things that users seek and discuss what they are searching for with them. Some chatbots are created in such a way that it’s difficult to tell whether we’re conversing with a machine or a human.

Personal Assistance

AI can be applied to our daily lives too. It’s not just for businesses and other industries. The use of personal assistants like Google, Siri, and Cortana are helpful in our daily routine. They can search for a location, set a schedule, read an email, make a phone call, and more.

Better Decision Making

Unlike humans, AI-powered machines can work faster when it comes to decision-making. They will analyze the algorithm and data and jump to a precise conclusion that’s beneficial.

Available All the Time

Humans have a limit when it comes to working. We are not designed to be available 24/7. If we do so, we might break down. That’s why we need to take some rest. But machines are the opposite of humans. They can work 24/7 with no rest required. AI can take over humans in the customer service department when no one is on duty. They can answer queries when no one is available.

Manage Risky Tasks

Humans don’t have to worry about tasks that can put them in danger. AI can replace humans when in need to take care of jobs that can harm a person. AI can be sent to mars, go to the deepest parts of the ocean, or even defuse a bomb.

Reduces Errors

Eliminates human errors by using an algorithm that’s programmed properly. Humans make mistakes from time to time, but with the help of AI, these errors are eliminated or reduced. AI will use the information stored to make decisions on the task given. Hence, resulting in a greater degree of accuracy and precision.

Artificial Intelligence is helpful in many ways. It can lessen the workload but not deprive humans of any job available. So, if right now AI serves a positive impact on humans, what might happen in the future?

Future of AI

Work Alongside Humans

One of the greatest fears of humans, when they hear of artificial intelligence, is the takeover of the machine. But this is only a myth, one we see in movies. The fact is, AI will work alongside humans.

The ability of AI to be programmed to work on a mundane task and other jobs drive growth to new sectors, massive innovations, and even create more job opportunities.

AI will replicate human intelligence in some particular task but with limitations. They will solve problems by using the algorithm in their system. Hence, they focus on one specific task and are not suitable for multitasking. But despite this limitation, AI can be improved in the future with the help of advanced deep and machine learning properties. It will involve massive amounts of data to help in the programming.

Humans and computers will work hand-in-hand to be able to accomplish tasks and improve productivity in the future.

Adopted by Businesses

Businesses will be quick to leverage the power of AI in the future. With more automation in the building of products, instead of manual jobs. It will speed up the production and cut back in time for faster revenue.

Furthermore, businesses that run online benefit from the power of AI. It will assist in various departments, from sales to the production team. It will help in the marketing strategies of businesses by creating better personal ads for users. It can utilize image-based targeting advertising, automate the inventory, and even manage the payroll of employees.

Job Seeking and Hiring

Human resources receive tons of applications and resumes when a job is available. According to LinkedIn data, recruiters spend around 23 hours looking for one candidate that’ll fit the qualifications they need.

Now, AI is slowly being introduced into the picture. Hiring managers don’t need to sit through hundreds of resumes. Instead, AI scans through all the resumes and hires only those that are qualified for the position. Automated Applicant Tracking System or ATS is beneficial as it reduces the work of recruiters, hence speeding up the process of hiring the right person.

As AI takes over the screening of applicants, it rejects up to 75% of resumes. So, finding a job will be difficult.

But job seekers can also benefit from AI. There are apps and software that job seekers can use. It can provide content for your resume to fit the job description and match the ATS. Some apps will scan your resume and will find the job for you. If you don’t want to create your resume, you can use AI software to write it, with templates that fit your profession.


Cybersecurity is vital for every business and industry. The protection of data matters as cyberattacks are rising in number. AI can be an excellent assistant to secure data and protect other parts of the business. It becomes a crucial tool to help cybersecurity professionals detect threats immediately before they can launch their attack. Also, it can be used to monitor unusual behavior in the system to catch fraud.

However, as cybersecurity experts tend to lean on the use of AI for security, hackers are starting to utilize AI to help them create attacks that can go undetected.

Improve Healthcare

Medicine can benefit from the use of AI. The need to analyze data and customize the healthcare of each patient can be possible. It can even assist in diagnosing diseases and operations. Furthermore, AI can aid in research by gathering a massive amount of data needed for the study. 


Although we have heard of self-driving cars and companies, like Tesla, are working to develop such, we are not yet there. But in the future, AI may be developed into a driverless car or train.


Artificial Intelligence has a long way to go before we can see its full potential. It can create endless opportunities in various industries. It will influence all the decisions we make and the actions we take. The power of AI is limitless when we know how to use it to create a better future.

Ana Hoffman
Anna Hoffman is a part-time blogger who writes on Business, Technology, Digital Marketing, Real Estate, Lifestyle, and Educational topics.
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