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Einthusan Alternatives: 10 Sites for Streaming Free Movies & TV Shows

Einthusan refers to best free online movie streaming sites used for watching the latest Tamil movies and TV shows online for free.

Online entertainment has been raised to a very high level of demand amongst the users and viewers. Different forms of entertainment programs are being added to the list of users; mostly movies and TV shows.

Many illegal and unofficial sites are catering free movies and TV shows online to the users. Einthusan Tamil or Einthusan Hindi is one of them. 

We will also discuss the 10 best Einthusan alternatives for free movies and TV shows. 

What is Einthusan ?

Einthusan is a very famous and popular online entertainment providing site catering ample contents for the movie-bugs and series binge-watchers. Like many other websites in the row, it is also an unofficial and illegal website to provide this kind of service related to piracy. This site has been wrongly spelled and pronunciation for several times by its users as Enthusan, Einthusian, Eithusan, and more. As this site is under the radar of watchdogs of piracy, in India, this site is banned. Hence the domain keeps on changing to be safe from the legislature.

Different contents like movies, TV shows, Web Series, comics, and more in different languages like English, Hindi, and other regional languages like Malayalam, Telegu, Tamil, and Kannad are available here.

It has been one of the most famous online entertainment sites for online entertainment lovers. 

Einthusan Alternatives: 10 Sites for Streaming Free Movies and TV Shows:

There are two kinds of alternatives to the Einthusan Tamil or Einthusan Hindi. One is the legal sites where the contents are available with proper copyright and license; while on the other side, there are illegal sites where the contents are available without any copyright. 

Legal Einthusan Alternatives for streaming

Amazon Prime:

Amongst the legal alternatives of Einthusan Hindi movies, Amazon Prime is the most popular and trusted site considered by the users. It is one of the hottest and talked OTT platforms as well.

Access to the contents of this site requires a registration to the site and to buy a subscription plan or a monthly rental plan by the users.

There is a bonus available with the Premium Plan; if the user buys the Amazon prime Premium plan, then all the products they buy from Amazon online shopping sites would be delivered free of cost. One can find the kids’ section on this site is very much popular.

There is a discount as well; the site provides a limited time once in a while trial period for every user registering on the site. This trial section is free. 


As Einthusan is banned in India, ErosNow is one of the most-streamed sites in India for streaming movies and TV shows by users. ErosNow is the first place to find top Hindi movies, TV shows, Series song releases online. It has a subscription annual plan for the users to have all-time access to this site which is very affordable. The annual subscription plan is best to avail by the users as the plan provides a 50% discount. However, registration is mandatory for every user to get access to this heaven place of entertainment. 


If India’s uplift to be calculated based on the last 5-6 years, one can find there is a huge contribution of the OTT platforms. Surveys show that in the year 2020, the pandemic has made most of the people turn into OTT platforms, especially Hotstar.

Hindi Movies, news, new series, podcasts, live sports events- everything is available here in Hotstar. It is a mixed platform, where some contents are available for free; all the rest are available against the subscription cost. Also, the numbers of ads are lesser in comparison to other legal alternatives to Einthusan Hindi movies.

There are south Indian movies that were very rare to find; was available on Einthusan and now are available in Hotstar only. Now, Hotstar has signed a contract with the Disney Franchise as well which provides better quality content to enjoy by the users. Recently, IPL is going on which the users can enjoy properly here in Hotstar.

What else can be said about the site which has become a global phenomenon for the whole world of entertainment! An OTT site that has connected entertainment lovers around the whole world worth seeks a place in this list. Netflix is a name that is more a channel than a platform of connection. It has a comparatively high subscription charge in form of yearly plans. From English originals to other foreign language movies, web series, TV shows are available here with English subtitles. Netflix India has become the most used OTT platform in 2020, as per the surveys. The users also get a one-month free trial; after the registration to this site through their VISA or Master card. 


A comparatively recent site is this Zee5. However, it took a very lesser amount of time to become one of the most popular OTT sites, an alternative to the Einthusan website and it is legal. The contents on this site are available in very high quality; from movies to web series to TV shows to games to sports and many more.

All the high-quality contents are available under premium plans. Here is a twist in this site: if the APK of the Zee5 site is downloaded in one’s smartphone from Google Play Store or in iPhone from Apple Store, one can enjoy all the contents of the site free for a lifetime; even the premium contents as well. 

Illegal Einthusan movies Alternatives 


BoxTV is another popular alternative that can make the users enjoy the same kinds of content they do on the Einthusan free content streaming website. It provides the users with high-quality content; it is one of the most popular places for enthusiastic entertainment lovers as here, the contents are available for free.

However, it is an illegal place to watch movies and other stuff as the site caters to pirated content. One can request their favorite videos here on demand and can enjoy the LIVE TV as well. From Tamil movie contents to Hindi Movies- everything here is available here in HD quality.

Different lingual contents like Malayalam, Kannad, Tamil, Telegu besides Hindi and English are available here, with subtitles; subbed and dubbed versions. It also caters to premium supports to fix all types of issues. One can also use BoxTV with Amazon Fire TV, Tablets, Smart TV, laptop, MAG boxes, and many more.

Today PK:

Amongst all the illegal and unofficial sites of Einthusan TV, TodayPK is a newer yet more popular one. Just like other popular websites like this, it caters to entertainment contents but all of them are illegal; means, the contents are neither copyrighted; nor permitted by the source to make available.

Still, users find this site to be very much useful and comfortable; as this site provides completely free service. Popular foreign language contents are available here in subbed and dubbed local languages; like the

Avengers here is available in Tamil and Telegu language with matching lingual subtitles as well. 

Free source of high-quality entertainment at ‘Today PK’- what else does the user need to enjoy!


It is one of the most comfortable, easy navigating places where the users can enjoy the contents free of cost, in high quality through a very user-friendly interface or home page. One can enjoy Live TV here as well along with different contents from various languages like Marathi, Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali, Punjabi, Gujarati, Bhojpuri, Oriya, English, Telegu, Tamil, and many more.

Even subbed and dubbed contents are available here, for free, in HD quality. Users can freely use their time to enjoy streaming movies and TV shows here. This site has a platform where the user can request their favorite contents if they are not available in the database of the contents.

According to genres and ratings, one can sort and bookmark the videos they have liked by creating a favorite list as well. 


This is the illegal paradise of Hindi movies for movie lovers. However, it is illegal and promotes piracy which none of the writers neither supports nor promotes. From series to documentaries to movies to TV shows- all in HD quality is available here.

In each of the contents, there are certain important facts added to each of the files like director’s name, release date, IMDB ratings, duration, and the ratings- which are some bonus points that help the user make decisions which are the contents they would prefer to watch.

From movies to games- everything is possible to find here in all the languages. Also, the user can make use of their keyword to find content in the search bar of this site. All they need is to type their keywords for the content and get the content cited. 


Downloadhub is another popular website in Asia that caters to the contents of movies and TV shows in different regional languages and dialects. Here, not just streaming is available of different contents; here the users can download and enjoy the contents anytime anywhere they want to from any device.

It is another special and famous Einthusan movies alternative site where one can spend their time of entertainment, completely free of cost. However, it is an illegal and unofficial site too; it provides the pirated content to the users, without the permission of the creative authority. Hence, it is advisable not to be a part of these illegal sites. 


  • What happened to Einthusan?

Answer: Einthusan is a similar site to the list of the illegal sites available on the internet. Like some other sites, KatCr and more; this site has also fallen under the radar of the watchdogs of the Anti-piracy squad and has been banned all around. So most of the sites are dead by now or shut down by the legislature of the countries. Hence, the users have switched over to the other working alternatives sites. 

  • Is it safe to cater from Einthusan?

Answer: It is never safe to go and surf an illegal and unofficial site like Einthusan. There is an administration that is keeping a track of every person’s web history. From there, one can easily be caught. However, there is a possible way out to remain safe even after using this site. If the user downloads a VPN from another country where the site is free, this chance of getting caught would be reduced.

  • Is Einthusan or any other alternative sites legal? 

Answer: It is difficult to answer this question. No site is illegal; the contents it shares can be illegal; means without the permission of the original creators. As all the alternative sites of Einthusan cater entertainment contents for free taking the help of a piracy policy; hence these sites can be considered illegal.             

  • What are the best alternatives to Einthusan’s free movie streaming site?

Answer: All the sites mentioned above are the best alternatives to the site. Netflix, Amazon Prime is the legal ones while BoxTV, YuppTV is the illegal ones. 

  • How to Watch Free Movies?

Answer: There are many sites on the internet that provide Free Movies. In the above article, several illegal sites are mentioned where one can enjoy different sorts of movies for free.

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