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6 Easy Hacks for a Clean & Spotless Home

Having a tidy and clean house is everyone’s dream. To be able to rest in a comfortable house, will be the ultimate treat for everyone who has to spend their day busily. Though having a clean house is what everyone wants, the truth is to achieve that won’t be as simple. To have a clean house, you need to give extra effort and diligently clean your house. You can’t just clean a house once and expect it to stay clean for a month.

Especially for working women, taking time to clean may not be as easy to do. You will be too tired to clean the house after working hours, or during the weekend. You just want to lie down to rest or even spend time outside with family, friends, or even by yourself. It is normal to feel that, it does not mean you are lazy or anything.  

You can follow some of these easy tips below to help make it easier for you when cleaning your house. Being a career woman does not mean that you can not live in a clean and healthy environment.  

Don’t keep things you won’t need

As a career woman, you may only have a little time to just relax at home. What you can do to make your cleaning flow smoothly, is by starting at the most used –and usually the most cluttered room, such as the bedroom and kitchen. Your bedroom and kitchen are the room you most frequently use, thus these have to be cleaned first. If you start by doing the heavy things, the next one will feel a lot faster and lighter.

While you clean your messy room, you may start finding all the items that you won’t use anymore. Don’t be too sentimental when finding these items, throw them away immediately –or you can also donate them to people who need all of those things more than you. Be firm with yourself, remember that unused things will only bring a lot of clutter to your space. Lots of clutter means you need to spare extra effort when doing the cleaning. 

Utilize the right cleaning tools

There are a lot of smart cleaning tools that could help to simplify your work nowadays. Modern cleaning equipment such as robot vacuum cleaners is available to make us work easily, and faster. We can save a lot of time if we are swapping our cleaning equipment with a much newer and advanced one. To maintain order and cleanliness in your home, use the best and safest cleaning equipment.

Use detergent to clean your rag

One way to properly care for your home is to keep it from bacteria and stubborn stains. If you clean the furniture at your house with a rag, in order not to spread the bacteria, you should wash it with a detergent and then dry it immediately after use. This is important to help you clean up your rag before you use it to wipe any other things in your house. A rag which is rare to be cleaned after usage, usually will also start producing a bad odor and become a breeding ground for bacteria.

Clean your furniture regularly

Your house furniture is prone to be covered in dust and dirt, especially if you don’t take special care of them. House which is covered with dust will look dirty, and also not healthy to live in. You can simply wipe down your furniture with a microfiber cloth and multi-purpose cleaner.

Do not only pay attention to your furniture, but also pay attention as well to your other beautifying decorations in your house, such as your cushion, and especially your carpet. The carpet might be a great addition to make your house look warmer and inviting. You must pay attention to your carpets if you want to keep your house properly hygienic because your carpet is more inclined to get dirty –more than your eyes can see. A dirty carpet will definitely compromise the level of healthiness inside your home. Check out to find out more on how to clean your carpet in the house properly. 

Do not delay dishwashing

We use the kitchen area a lot in our house to prepare food, thus why dishwashing is one of the cleaning activities that we often have to do. Sometimes we might feel tired or lazy to clean up our dishes, especially for a single person. 

You might think that you will just let it be until you have a couple more plates in your sink –then you will start cleaning after them. Well, this is not right! Never delay dishwashing, because if you do so –they will pile up, making you feel even lazier to start the cleaning. 

To make sure that the kitchen always looks neat and spotless, made a habit of never delaying washing dishes so that they don’t pile up. If you encounter parts of cooking utensils that have stains but are difficult to remove, you can use baking soda to clean them up.

Natural remedy to clean your bathroom

Your bathroom might be one of the rooms in your house that will need special care. Because of its damp condition, the bathroom might be one of the areas in your house that are more inclined to be dirty, smell bad, and become the breeding ground of bacteria. One of the tips that you can do in order to clean your house is by using a natural remedy to clean difficult stains on your bathroom walls. You can use white vinegar or a mixed solution of hot water and lemon. 

Having a to-do list is always a good idea to manage all of your activities, be it for office tasks or personal ones. Make a habit to create your day-to-day plan, and put your cleaning schedule on that list too!

Ana Hoffman
Anna Hoffman is a part-time blogger who blog about Business Technology, Digital Marketing, Real Estate, Digital Currencies, and Educational topics.
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