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4 Courses That Could Help You Change Career

If you’ve been feeling like your current job is draining your energy and you don’t feel inspired or motivated to work, it may be because it’s time to change a career. Finding something that fulfils your wishes and ideas of a dream job can do so much for your mental health and self-confidence. Starting from the bottom all over again can be scary. You may not have the right qualifications now, but with the right courses and set of training, you can gain the skills and knowledge that you need to land a job that you like. 

Emergency Medical Technician

National average salary: $14.65 per hour

If you’re looking for one of the best professional certificate programs that can prepare you for other careers that also need a certificate, then an emergency medical technician is the best choice. For this program participants usually have a high school diploma or any kind of equivalent. You do need to complete postsecondary educational programs and several additional programs like a CPR certification. 

This field is continually growing and it’s getting more competitive every day. That is why there’s a high chance for it to become the highest paying certificate out there. Also, you have a chance of earning a much higher salary with providing emergency medical services than with a 6-month EMT training program.

This job can be both physically and mentally demanding. It requires a lot of patience, compassion, and empathy. Most of the time, this job involves responsibilities such as caring for the injured and ill patients in emergency situations. For that reason, it’s important that you know how to handle a crisis and work efficiently under pressure. 

Personal trainer

National average salary: $21.00 per hour

Personal training is a highly demanded job on the market right now. It’s also a high-paying career and you can easily raise your salary by expanding your client base. 

As for the qualifications, you will need to be highly qualified in order to teach physical fitness. That can go as far as having background knowledge in exercise science and nutrition. There are tons of certificate programs you can take and they all vary in the length of the time they last. You can also take programs that are combinations of both in-person and online classes. 

As a personal trainer, you are expected to keep up with current fitness trends. Not only is this important because you need to stay in good shape, but you will also need this knowledge so that you can back up your exercises and workouts you do with your clients. With a certificate for a personal trainer you can work in private fitness facilities, gyms, or even in your clients’ homes if they request it. You may even have a chance of working with some celebrities who need to get in shape for their next big movie role. How exciting is that?

Makeup artist

Average monthly pay: $3,993 (but it can go as high up as $7,708; it depends on the kind of makeup you do)

Beauty industry has skyrocketed with the rise of social media and beauty influencers. Alongside other fields in the beauty industry, the profession of a makeup artist is one of the most demanded and highly paid ones. 

Firstly, there are so many types of makeup you can do. There are types of makeup other than regular makeup done for clients who are getting ready for prom, wedding and so on. In addition to that, there are also makeup artists who handle bigger services such as working with models or doing theater or movie makeup. 

With tons of amazing makeup courses out there, you can start taking your first steps into the world of makeup and discover the art of enhancing human beauty with just a few colors and makeup brushes. It is a highly creative and inspirational work. 

Social Media Manager

Average Base Pay: £28,500/year

Lastly, social media has become such an important part of our everyday lives. It’s predominantly being used as a source of entertainment, but it also serves a great purpose for businesses. So, the demand for social media managers is higher than ever. There is no better way to help a business grow and reach the target audience than through social media. 

The best part about this job is that all the information and training you need is right there at the tip of your finger and you can start training even while still doing your current job. 

If you would like to choose a more independent learning route, you can also opt for free online courses instead. So, you first take care of the basics and then you can start taking industry-standard certifications to expand your skills. 


In conclusion, whether you are a creative mind looking for some inspirational profession such as being a makeup artist, or you’re an empath who would like to help people, there is a job for everyone. These courses will help you gain the skill and knowledge you need to land a job that you want. 

Ana Hoffman
Anna Hoffman is a part-time blogger who writes on Business, Technology, Digital Marketing, Real Estate, Lifestyle, and Educational topics.
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