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The Complete Introduction to Buying a Bicycle

If you’re a newbie in the cycling world, buying the ideal; bicycle can be overwhelming. With innumerable and versatile choices, it’s hard to pick out the one bicycle that’ll fulfill your requirements. The result? Your shopping experience turns into an endless frantic hunt. 

We’re here to help you out! We’ve prepared a comprehensive guide to help you make the crucial decisions for purchasing a bike that actually fulfills your requirements and makes you happy for years to come.

Visit credible online stores to browse and find the best all mountain bike at affordable rates and impeccable quality. 

Let’s get started!

Understand And Determine Your Reason For Buying A Bicycle

Before you jump into researching the types of bikes available in the market, understand why you want to buy a bicycle?

You can use the following questionnaire to understand and determine your needs and narrow down your search. 

For what activity do you want a bicycle?

You can use your bicycle for various reasons- the daily commute, joining a riding club, cycling up the local mountain trails, weekend riding with kids, participating in sports events, etc. You can have more than one goal for buying a bicycle. 

Where do you want to ride your bicycle?

Just like car driving mechanisms and tires are built differently for off-road or on-road use, bicycles are also engineered specifically for on-roading, off-roading, and mixed terrain travel. 

What type of terrain will you mostly cover on your bicycle? City streets, sandy beaches, forest trails, racing tracks, muddy roads, or canal paths? You can explore various places on your bike, but having a precise idea of which terrain you’ll be riding the most will help you understand the kind of bike you need.

Remember, you’ll need to choose the best smart bike helmet depending on your riding requirement. 

How much cost and expertise can you afford for maintenance?

It’s no secret that maintaining a luxury Lamborghini model is much more expensive than maintaining an economical Ford SUV, even though both have their unique, impressive features.  

Similarly, expensive bikes will have costly operational and maintenance costs. 

Since maintaining a bicycle is extremely easy compared to a car, the maintenance costs can drastically decrease if you plan to do it yourself. 

However, maintenance can become a costly affair if you don’t have the time or are new to cycling. On the other hand, bicycles with a single-speed have less intricate mechanisms, making them a perfect fit for newbies to learn, operate and maintain. 

What’s your plan for the upcoming 6 to 12 months after the purchase?

Wherever you make any investment, it is always wise to think about the future benefits and rewards. Some extra dollars might seem an extravagant deal, but it’s cheaper than purchasing a new bicycle twice. 

If you want your bicycle to last at least a few years after heavy usage, then plan on investing in quality. However, if you plan on riding the bicycle for short distances, visiting nearby shops, or traveling for regular chores, you likely won’t require to spend as much.

Invest your money in a bicycle that enables you to ‘grow into it.’ You need to get used to the riding comfort, riding style, experience, etc.  

If you’re planning to train for sports riding or off-road cycling, it is recommended to not look for a bike that will satisfy your riding requirements for a few months only before realizing that your experience has elevated your riding talent beyond its maximum potential.

Set Your Budget

Without a proper budget plan, buying a bicycle is nothing less when compared to finding a needle in a huge haystack. With numerous types and brands, finding the needle might be easy.

To make your shopping experience exciting and enjoyable, decide your budget based on your current financials. Don’t go overboard! Understanding the elements that contribute to the pricing of bicycles can help you save serious bucks: 

  • Type and built of frame material 
  • Features, functionality, and components
  • Craftsmanship 
  • Shipping fees
  • Marketing or sponsorship coverage charges
  • Overhead costs for operating a cycle manufacturing unit. 
  • Retail markup

Remember, you’ll need specific bicycle accessories like the best smart bike helmet and storage units to make the riding experience practical and safe. 

Choosing The Types And Styles Of Your Bicycle

The fun and magical part begins here. You’ll need to choose a type of bicycle, based on your riding requirements. 

Mountain Bicycles

The best mountain bike is explicitly engineered for trail riding and off-road riding. They generally feature a front or full suspension and have wide tires with a grippy tread design. 

Fat tire, downhill, fat bike, gravel bikes are some sub-categories of the mountain bike. 

Hybrid Bicycles

A hybrid bike merges the best features of the mountain bike and commuter bike. Like road bikes, they have narrower, sick tires. On the other hand, these bicycles feature the best all mountain bike benefits such as higher positioning, flat handlebars, etc.  

The flat handlebars enable you to ride in a relaxed position subjecting less pressure on your shoulders.

Some hybrid bikes can even feature suspension. These bikes are specifically engineered for daily commuting, city riding, mixed terrain traveling, touring, etc. 

Road Bikes

Crafted with slick tires, strong yet light frames, and drop handlebars, these bikes are best suitable for fast riding on the roads with the least effort possible.

If your ride mostly involves smooth roads and you want maximum comfort while riding, this type is your perfect pick. Ideal for touring across the city, commuting, and road riding. 

Choosing The Frame Material 

Bikes are engineers with various frame materials. Your budget and the type of riding (commuting, racing, off-roading, touring, etc.) will determine which material is ideal for you.

Steel, carbon fiber, and aluminum are the most prevalent frame materials available in the market. 

Selecting The Frame Size

You can buy the best all mountain bike for an immersive off-roading experience. But all your investment will go to waste if you don’t select the right size of the frame. 

Yes! Just like your shoes and clothes, bike frames do have sizing. It is recommended that you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for choosing the accurate frame size. 

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