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7 Coffee Brands I Really love

Whether it’s an Americano, espresso or even a cappuccino – you had best not try morning chat with me until I’ve had a least one cup of caffeine.  Better make that two, just to keep yourself safe.

1. Awesome Coffee

Awesome Coffee shows the most interesting, healthy, delicious and revitalizing caffeine-based treat for active individuals and coffee lovers around the globe. 

New to the market, Awesome Coffee boasts something that most coffees can’t brag about – a 14g serving of protein in each cup! With every fitness enthusiast’s two favorite ingredients combined in 1 great shake – it will definitely be a head turner and a point of envy in every gym.

Each cup of joy includes protein, caffeine herbs and sugar. And you can rely on Awesome Coffee for a low-calorie caffeine/protein hit when you need it most! For more information on the benefits of protein coffee, check out this in-depth guide

Definitely worth a try – even if you’re not demanding more protein!

2. Gevalia 

If you’re looking for a little pot of luxury for your early morning rise, look no further than Gevalia for a collection of blends delivered as “coffee the Swedish way”. 

With more than 30 varieties of premium coffees, automatic home delivery and a 100% satisfaction guarantee on each one- it’s no wonder Gevalia is at the top of our list. 

There is a huge range of products available online, allowing you to choose bagged coffee by roast type, coffee form and which collection you prefer (Heritage is always my go to). If you’re more of a K-Pod or Tassimo person – Gevalia will satisfy you with plenty of flavours to keep you coming back for more. 

Looking for gifts and accessories? Gevalia has a number of great stocking fillers and small presents for your very best coffee loving friends. 

3. Paramount Coffee

Love the taste of autumn? Paramount Coffee just might have the perfect blend for you! 

Knowledge, quality and passion come together to create a coffee experience like no other.  Private Label perfection splits the company into several subsets, including Paramount Roasters and Joe Knows Coffee. 

One happy customer states:

“I don’t write many complimentary emails but I felt compelled to send one your way. I have tried many different coffees… and without a doubt, Joe dark roast is my absolute favourite”

Packaging suits a variety of needs from prepacked, 12 oz. ground, quad-seal bags and single-serve pods that are completely compatible with single-cup brewing systems. There are blends with fun names, too: Sweeties Pie, COZY, Stud Muffin and Happy Camper.  To give you just a taste of the fall selections. 

A great coffee company with great customer feedback and for sure one of my favourites.

4. Death Wish Coffee Company

One of the more ‘out-there’ companies on our list is Death Wish Coffee Company, boasting the world’s strongest cup of coffee with a 100% no-BS guarantee.

One cup of Death Wish Coffee comes with a spine-tingling 650mg of caffeine. To put that into perspective – that’s more than 4 Monster Energy energy drinks – which is frankly bizarre. Luckily, the company is very much aware of this fact (hence the name) so you may want to stick to just one cup of this coffee if you value your sleep (or your heart).

By using the strongest combination of beans and a perfect roasting process, you can awaken your inner rebel and be the best you can be with premium, bold beans. In spite of all that caffeine, Death wish Coffee provides a smooth, never-bitter taste with subtle notes of chocolate and cherry. 

AND it’s 100% natural – so it’s kind of healthy! Right? 

5. Koffee Kult

Koffee Kult, with two K’s, is next on the list.  Despite the incorrect spelling, this brand creates a fantastic collection of blends that might just change your coffee habits forever. 

The brand, known for it’s all black packaging, comes with a no-messing-around approach. There are no frills or fancy flattery, just great tasting coffee with dark and medium roasts forming the best sellers on the site. Thunder Bolt (French Roast), Eye Cracker (Espresso Bean) and Road Dog give the option of a little bit of something different, but with very much the same message. 

The brand supports 650+ small coffee farmers and helps charities (both local and international) with a percentage of profits, showing this to be a company with a big heart. There is even free shipping, making it even harder to resist, especially with reviews like this one:

“We love Koffee Kult and have been loyal customers for two years. They make such delicious coffee and when there are any questions or a rare issue with delivery the team is very fast to respond.”

Perfect for any real coffee lover. 

6. Tiny Footprint Coffee

You drink coffee; we plant trees. That’s the message from Tiny Footprint Coffee, the world’s first carbon-negative coffee. 

Beans have been locally roasted and ethically sourced since 2010 – allowing a greater focus on flavour. There are 17 different products from which to choose – most of which are named after the area from which they originate. Pick from Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico and more for a taste of the best coffee regions of the world. 

A carbon-negative coffee company with great tasting beans – what more could you ask?

7. Invader Coffee

From one of the coolest coffee brands available today comes the veteran-owned Invader Coffee – a company creating amazing blends of amazing coffee with Whiskey, FSU, Mexican Chocolate and more!

The veteran theme resonates throughout the brand and there’s a very strong military presence felt in the packaging and naming of each product. From the special op-team featured on the Blackwater Contractor blend to the full name of FSU, as demonstrated by the acronym (I’ll let you see for yourself what that one stands for.). 

It feels incredibly cool and there’s great flavour to back it up, too!

Ana Hoffman
Anna Hoffman is a part-time blogger who writes on Business, Technology, Digital Marketing, Real Estate, Lifestyle, and Educational topics.
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