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5 Best eCommerce Sites To Inspire You All the Time

With the COVID-19 surge across the world, many businesses and agencies have shut down for numerous reasons. Some don’t have clients. Some have to fire their employees to keep their company functioning with the least human resources. Others are facing both the challenges forcing their business to stop, losing their valuable customers. Never knowing when the situation will get back to normal, easy to live, maskless and breathing the fresh air.

A few businesses that run smoothly, capable of retaining their customers and employees for a longer time, paying well during the global crisis—helping their customers live a better life with all the necessary precautions and measures delivering door to door zero contacts.

One such business that is blooming worldwide is the eCommerce business. Let’s learn about this business in-depth and the top 5 eCommerce sites in 2021 to inspire you all the time. Let’s dive in.

What Is eCommerce? Why Are They Top In The Business?

Ecommerce is the buying or selling of products and services over the internet while transferring money and data to complete the purchase, and items get delivered to the customer’s doorsteps in the promised stipulated time. The team of the eCommerce firm is a giant that handles all the processes seamlessly to make sure customer satisfaction remains the top priority.

It helps them retain their customers for a longer time, establish their business brands, provide value to the customers understanding their pain points. Or give them some permanent solutions to their long-term problems and best services post-purchase.

What Makes eCommerce To Be Present Globally?

People love shopping, ordering their favorite and desired item online when they find good discounts, irrespective of waiting for a few days and getting it delivered at the doorsteps. They fear going outside that the world is witnessing and going through, and at the same time, eCommerce websites and apps make their life easy going.

You do not have to go to the shop; instead, you must have good internet connectivity. You can log in, choose the items you want to buy by adding them to your wish list or cart, so you must grab them at once when you get the best discount or offer. As their services are worldwide and anyone can access the domain, it’s easy for them to manage opening new stores in the most demanding locations quickly. And with time series analysis, they make sure the most challenging products never go out of stock, instead of available worldwide.

What Makes eCommerce Websites the Best and User-friendly?

According to the recent survey by consent square, people’s average time on a website is 1 minute and 2 seconds that sum up to 62 seconds. In those times, your website should grab the attention and make them convinced to take action, or they will move to another website.

When you can provide the best user experience, customers will come to your website, browse the products that you showcase on your website. When you have good copywriting, there are higher chances they will go for the displayed product. And it would help if you had a team that controls online reputation management and can handle everything happening outside. So that in case of any negative comments, it doesn’t affect your website.

Therefore building a website that hooks to capture attention, create interest among the people is what we mainly look into in 2021. Your website should be responsive, mobile-friendly, define the purpose of what services you offer to the people, and contain visually appealing designs – product images, color and fonts, CTA, easy to navigate. Along with excellent user experience and social proofs makes a website great to drive maximum sales and traffics.

5 Best eCommerce Websites of 2021 That Will Inspire You All The Time

Websites are always an inspiration in many ways; the more user-friendly you make it, the more traffic and conversions it brings to you. The more you beautify and add responsiveness to it, customers will love to spend more time, which leads to more sales.

Here are the five best websites in 2021 that always carry a huge spark of inspiration in them. In other words, these are the five best eCommerce websites you can always follow to create your dream websites and start your dreamy business and become the top in the industry in no time, provided you give endless support and user experience and marketing they always seek to have


One of the best eCommerce websites is LARQ, which uses crisp images to hook their customers, good copywriting to develop an interest in their products, and easy navigation to add them into the cart, and user-friendliness hold their customers’ food longer.

They sell simple stuff like water bottles, but they limit themselves to one niche that makes them the best or, in fact, the most trustable partner when it comes to water bottles. They even showcase available colors, plastic waste calculators, reusable water bottles that come with modern-day style suitable for school goers, office goers, or partying; you get their bottles of all kinds.

Solo Stove 

One of the best inspirations for entrepreneurs who want to start their eCommerce business and build their websites is Solo Stove. This website uses the best iconography that keeps you hooked for time.

Their specialized icons convey many things; in other words, lots of crucial information is hidden in it, making you fall in love with products and admirable with unique selling points and videos about product specialty that speak more than a thousand words before it ends. Now say, won’t you go for it when their products are best in that category, easy-to-use and available at best-ever prices.

The Mountain 

The more engaging copy drives more sales; that’s the best part about copywriting. It has a great design, simplified navigation bar, lightweight website, very much responsive and mobile-friendly. Below the headers, it simply notifies the shipping terms and conditions for other messes and shows a great practice of customer user experience.

The sliders talk about the latest trend in the market that is out for sales. They have one of the most fantastic websites, which is equally balanced and ordered based on multiple categories.

Skull Candy

You can’t let yourself out of it when the world around you grooves with tunes and music. We rave skull candy for its products and marketing over the internet, and they always reflect the same on their website, why they are yet the most favorite and trustable music and speak of a brand of all time.

Though you can’t hate it, you can’t ignore it. SkullCandy uses bright colors that make their products and website contrasting and standalone from other brands. Even the products are easy to discover and great reviews all the time, their website is a combination of visually appealing content.


Bliss deals with skincare and products that will make you look flawless and glow when you apply them to your skin. The pink color that’s most favorite for girls makes it feel like absolute cotton candy. It uses three varieties of color to stand out from the rest: millennial pink, baby blue, and gen z yellow to make their website visually appealing.

Their copywriting is crispy, adorable, lively to read, and makes you feel that you are talking to your best friend about your skincare routine.

Final Words

In this blog, we talked about the five best eCommerce websites of 2021 that will inspire us to build new websites in 2021. Apart from that, you also learned about the eCommerce industry, why they are always top in the business, and what components make websites more visually appealing, user-friendly and drive more traffic to the websites with more sales happening.

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