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4 Amazing Flavors That Pair Perfectly With a Chocolate Dessert Night

Chocolate is a delicious treat that many people love indulging in on special occasions. Chocolate tastes better when it is partnered with certain flavors to include coffee, raspberry, mint, and more. Pairing the chocolate with other flavors will provide a whole different experience to eating chocolate. Here are a few richly delicious drinks and flavors that you may not know go amazing with any chocolate dessert.


Chambord is a raspberry liqueur with 16.5% alcohol content. It originated in France during the late 17th century and is not owned and produced by Brown-Forman Corporation in 2006. It is produced from raspberries, blackberries, Madagascar vanilla, Moroccan citrus peel, honey, and cognate. The fruit is soaked for several weeks to create that fruit infusion then extracted, pressed to obtain natural sugars and juice with the final Chambord product. If you have never tried this delicious liquor with chocolate, don’t continue to miss out on this opportunity. The Chambord and chocolate together bring a mouthwatering dessert to the table you don’t want to miss. The liquor comes in a spherical bottle and has the Chambord lettering in it. You can mix the liquor to make a special drink or drink it straight while enjoying some chocolate.

SF Bay Coffee

Coffee goes well with chocolate so if you love having a cup of coffee and eating chocolate, you have to try pairing both. Colombian whole bean coffee is a rich type of coffee that particularly pairs well with chocolate, whether you eat the chocolate separately or mix it into your brew. The reason that coffee and chocolate taste so well together is because they have similar compounds that complement well in the roasting process. That means that for the best results, you want to roast and grind your own coffee. You can also combine the coffee with chocolate cake by creating your own coffee and chocolate cake. Because the flavors blend so well, they build upon each other rather than competing, making them a great combination for recipes or to eat separately in the same sitting.

Black Chocolate Brooklyn Stout

Whoever said beer and chocolate don’t go together never tried the Black Chocolate Brooklyn Stout is a great tasting beer that pairs wonderfully with chocolate. Known as a wintertime beer with 10% ABC, it’s perfect for gift giving alongside a box of chocolates. This beer isn’t available year-round as it is a limited release from October-March. It pairs extremely well with robust dark chocolate in great part because of the same similar compounds that roasted coffee have. Once again, that means you’re building upon the flavor rather than competing flavors, increasing the rich taste of the chocolate.

Curry Spice

Beyond just what to drink with your chocolate dessert, what meal you eat directly before dessert can have a major impact on your chocolate experience as well. Curry spice, along with it’s typical pairs of paprika and chili powder, can increase the sensitivity of your tongue and bring out the taste of chocolate in a magnificent way. You taste the chocolate more, making even weaker chocolate flavors feel richer. Indian spices tend to complement the chocolate better than Mexican spices, however, so keep in mind that not every spice will give you the same experience..

Chocolate is a wonderful treat, and you can often feel like you can’t get enough of the taste when eating it. However, eating more chocolate isn’t going to satisfy that craving for increased flavor. Instead, use these flavors to increase the richness of your chocolate’s flavor so that a little chocolate goes a long way. So next time you get some high quality chocolate that you really want to savor and enjoy, consider using these pairings to help you get the most flavor out of your rich chocolatey experience.

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