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Top Reasons Why Travellers Choose Multi-Destination Tours

People are always busy and, even when on vacations, they are usually short of time. Nevertheless, they would like to see and try a lot of things within this reduced period. A multi-destination tour is a great solution. It is a stunning way to see the world for many because there are a lot of benefits in this way of travelling. In this article, we are going to speak about the main reasons people travel like this and how a tourist agency can use these considerations for promoting this way of travelling.

The Most Essential Reasons Why Clients Opt for Multi-Destination Tours 

The target audience for multi-destination tours involves young or middle-aged, adventure-liking and socially mature people. You need to focus on their needs, requirements, and expectations because the client-oriented approach is the most winning one.

Thus, you should get to know the most essential reasons why people may opt for multi-destination tours. Let us point out the top considerations why tourists prefer such trips to any other kind of travelling.

  1. A person can see many places in a short time. It is obvious. There are so many great places around the world that one life may seem not enough to visit them all. When a tour is planned properly and tourists can arrive at one place and leave from another repeating this way in turn, they will be happy to see more destinations than they could ever imagine.
  2. A multi-destination tour is quite cost-effective. If a tour package is arranged in the way when cities or even countries are located close together, there is no need to spend a lot for travelling long-distances and coming back home every time, booking costly flights or train and bus tickets. Travel agencies can always make great discount deals for flights or get bargain tickets for other means of traffic between destinations. If you show your clients how much lower their tour can cost, they will appreciate it.
  3. A multi-destination tour is challenging for many travellers. In the booklets and advertisements, try to focus your customers’ attention on this breathtaking experience. Moving fast from one place to another according to a well-compiled itinerary, meeting new people, taking a lot of photos, and trying different kinds of food – these are the things that every true travelling fan is fond of.
  4. Many people always need a change. It’s true. Half of tourists do always feel sick and tired when they stay at one destination for a long time. On multi-destination trips, tourists will feel interested and excited. It is a great benefit to offer.
  5. Trying different cuisines is quite attractive. It is a matter of taste, of course, but many travellers are keenly interested in these fantastic opportunities. When they find the food different but quite delicious in each place they visit, they enjoy their tour still more.
  6. Taking multiple photos at different tourist attractions is a great option in the era of social media. Most travellers are fond of taking photos and then sharing them on their accounts. If a multi-destination tour is well-planned, the people will get an excellent opportunity to capture lots of stunning images.

The Top Benefits a Travel Agency Can Get from Multi-Destination Tours

The multi-destination tours can be quite beneficial for travel agencies as well. Let’s think about the most important perks an agency can get.

  1. The organization of such tours involves fostering closer ties and cooperation among travel agencies from different places and countries. 
  2. This product is quite new and attractive and it can occupy the vacant niche that will be extremely popular and beneficial in the future. 
  3. It is a great chance to expand the tourism benefits to other regions and communities. 
  4. It’s an opportunity to widen the market and increase the number of visitors to many regional destinations.

So, we can see that if the tour is well-planned and arranged properly, a tourist agent is interested in its promotion.

How to Facilitate the Tours and Get Much Profit and Recognition

If a person plans to visit different countries and destinations in one trip, it may be rather challenging. Tourist agencies could do a great part of this job. When a traveler needs to think about border crossing, visas, travel insurance, logistics, and whatnot, it is very difficult for them to enjoy the trip and the experiences are usually not as bright as expected. A travel agent can facilitate all these moments offering convenient packages even for the most demanding clients with the minimum of stress and anxiety. For example, including Ekta Traveling services into the package can resolve all the insurance issues.

So, highlight the following reasons to your clients why they should opt for a multi-destination tour package:

  • the chance to create a perfect itinerary without wasting much time and money;
  • spending much less time planning with different transport options and convenient  combinations of flights, trains, and buses;
  • the ability to rebook or cancel the tour at any moment;
  • the trip can be centered around one theme, for instance, architecture, food, wine, or attractions.

So, here are some useful tips for travel agents on how to boost the clients’ interest in multi-destination tours and arrange them properly.

  1. You can research the best travel options for your clients while choosing the destinations that are close to each other, for example, Venice, Florence, and Rome, or London, Edinburgh, and Dublin.
  2. Try to pick out the accommodation options that are the most suitable ones for the package. The catering should also be organized properly. 
  3. You can offer personalized trips and the option of managing all their travel needs and such an offer is always beneficial and appreciated.
  4. Include the in-tour and on-the-site support to make your clients’ trips stress-free.

Try to cover all the needs in a package including flights, airport transfers, accommodation, currency exchange, transportation between cities/countries, sightseeing, and activities. If all these items are included, your customers will enjoy the trip and highly appreciate your effort.

Final Thoughts

All in all, the ultimate message you need to send your clients is that it is always better to see multiple destinations and get to know multiple cultures in ten days than stay in one place and get bored and indifferent immediately on the third day of the stay. Try to explain to your potential tourists that counting days and hours left to come back home is not the best option for spending vacations.

Isabelle Jordan
Isabelle Jordan is a business and marketing journalist at Ekta Traveling insurance company. She writes for different news portals and thematic blogs that helps her stay at the heart of the travel and insurance news. Such work gives her the opportunity to write articles on the most relevant topics of today.
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