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Top 5 Restaurant Bathroom Design Ideas

Are you searching for modern restaurant bathroom design? Find best ideas listed here. 

A recipe for a successful restaurant consists of three things: good food, good service, and good ambiance and environment. Unfortunately, restaurant and bar bathrooms are often overlooked and seldom included in this design recipe.

Placing the design of the bathroom on the backburner is one of the biggest mistakes when designing your restaurant. Bathrooms and restrooms are important for customers and patrons. They tell a lot about your venue and you as an owner of the restaurant business.

The cleanliness and the design of your bathroom is something that won’t go unnoticed by your guests. So, make sure your bathroom has both function and style.

If you’re having trouble styling your bathroom, check out these 5 restaurant bathroom design ideas. 

Theme continuation

The bathroom is a space that could be designed so that it continues the overall theme of your restaurant. A stark difference between a dining room and a bathroom is never a good idea. The best thing you can do is continue with the existing aesthetic and décor. 

If you decide the theme of your restaurant is going to be eclectic, for example, make sure your bathroom also fits this theme. This continuation of the theme won’t go unnoticed by your patrons and guests. With the help of sites like onepointpartitions.com, you can create the perfect bathroom for your restaurant, offering style, comfort, and safety to your customers every time they come to your business.

Maximize the space

The priority in every restaurant is maximizing the dining space and seats, due to this, bathrooms tend to suffer. Maximizing and designing the bathroom space is equally important as the rest of your restaurant. 

You can make the most of your bathroom space with a clever design. For example, you can use mirrors to create the illusion of a larger space, and large mirrors are a huge plus especially in women’s bathrooms.

Another design trick is to paint the bathroom walls in dark colors so that they don’t appear small immediately. Also, adding small details will make any room feel luxurious. 

Letting in natural light is another good idea to make space feel bigger. However, that’s not always a possibility, especially in restaurant bathrooms. To deal with the lack of natural light, install enough lighting so that the room doesn’t appear dark and seedy. 

This lighting needs to be functional, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be expensive. Enhance your bathroom with energy-efficient lighting. Not only will you be reducing your energy bill, but you’ll also be taking care of the environment. 

Flooring can also maximize the space, so consider that as well, when designing your bathroom space. However, don’t forget to consider durability, water-resistance, and safety when installing floors in your bathroom.

Invest in tech bathroom gadgets

Keeping your restaurant bathroom clean is always a priority. In order to make your bathroom attractive, functional but most of all, clean, you could invest in all kinds of tech bathroom gadgets.

The best part is that every year something new pops up that can make your bathroom so much cooler and functional. You can choose anything from automatic toilet seats to touchless faucets.

Install a touchless faucet and automatic soap dispenser to minimize the number of surfaces that need to be touched. No taps mean easier cleaning and hands-free soap dispensers means fewer germs. You can also try choosing a hand dryer to avoid dealing with paper towels and the mess that comes with them.

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Similarly, automatic toilet seats and toilet cleaners guarantee a cleaner bathroom space and less spreading of germs.

Accessibility for everyone

A convenient bathroom is the best bathroom. When designing your bathroom make sure you don’t forget about convenience and accessibility. 

Think about everyone and make sure your restroom complies with ADA requirements. This means that it has ADA grab bars 34 to 38 inches above the floor, at least one accessible toilet some 60 inches wide. Additionally, enough rotating space and at least one accessible lavatory. 

Apart from that, for added convenience, every stall should have hooks on the inside and flat toilet paper dispensers that can hold cell-phones and wallets.

Privacy and safety

And finally, the last step towards making your restroom completely patron-approved is privacy and safety. In any restroom, privacy is as important as the cleanliness of it. 

Apart from clean, toilet partitions should be durable and corrosion-resistant. They should also be thick enough so that they instill a sense of privacy and safety. Every stall should have properly working door latches.

Additionally, make sure the floors are always dry and water-free. Slippery floors can cause many unwanted accidents and injuries. To avoid these kinds of liabilities in your restaurant, make sure bathroom floors are always nice and dry. 

Apart from excellent food and great service, a successful restaurant needs to stand out in other ways as well. The first thing that attracts a customer to your restaurant is the aesthetic and ambiance. Make sure that aesthetics can be seen throughout your whole restaurant, even the bathroom. Cohesiveness is the key.

While the cleanliness of the bathroom is imperative, don’t forget that your restaurant bathroom needs some character and style. The devil is in the details, so make sure you pay attention to all the details as well. And remember, investing a bit more into a bathroom now, may pay off big time later!

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