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Reasons Why Rodents Are Attracted To Your House

Rodents are those pesky members of your house whom you have invited yourself, knowingly or unknowingly. Yeah! There is a reason why rodents love to stay in your place. When you start noticing strange scratches on your house walls, scampering noise, and the pungent smell, understand that rodents like rats and mice have entered your house.

Rodents are very dangerous. No doubt they are small in size, but they can cause severe damages to your property and health. Besides that, pest control nowadays is not so pocket-friendly that you can manage to have it every month or quarterly. And that couldn’t be the permanent solution either. To escape from rodents, people are switching to metal building homes, metal carports, or metal garages.

Today we’re writing this piece of information to join your mission of a rodent-free house. For sure, you must have tried a lot of pest control measures to kick them out of your home, but you know rodents are very stubborn; they always come back. Here, the most important question arises: why do they keep coming back? Let’s go further to know how to avoid attracting rodents to your home.

Avoid Leaky Basement

It is not just about the wetness and inconvenience. A leaky basement is one of the favorite places for rodents to stay in. Pooling water is the best place for rodents and insects to live and grow. And not only rodents, due to the humidity, termites and fungus also take part in damaging your property. It will be helpful if you try to keep the basement always dry and free from humidity or moisture. Close all the leaking agents like windows or walls.

Keep the Rain Gutters Clean

Rains are beautiful till the time you enjoy them, But once they clog the gutters of your home and you are required to clean them, it’s not at all beautiful and enjoyable anymore. After the heavy rain, rain gutters get clogged with dry leaves, waste materials, and other wastage, inviting the rodents to grow in that culture.

Manage Your Trash

Unmanaged trash and recyclables are an open invitation for rodents. You should put all the trash in an airtight bag and dispose of it in the right area. Please don’t keep the trash open to let it spread here and there.

Maintenance of Landscape

If your landscape also has tall and unwanted grass, the first thing you should do is cut them off and check your landscape. Grass grows in humidity and likewise rodents too. Even snakes and dangerous insects may start living there. To keep them away from finding their way to your house, you should keep up the sound and regular maintenance of the lawn area outside of your home.

Don’t Keep Dirty Dishes for Long

Washing the dishes after the meal is a good routine, but some people leave it to do later. Avoid this practice. Even a tiny piece of food is enough for rodents to get invited. Develop the habit of cleaning dishes immediately after the food. Also, before you sleep, keep the stovetops and sink clean and washed.

Repair Your Damaged Roof

Roofs are the most favorite place for rats, mice, bats, and squirrels to raise their family. Apart from the holes, roofs are the entry point for rodents. Experts recommend good maintenance and annual repair of roofs to keep them in good condition. It will keep you away from rodents and protect your property also.

Use Door and Window Sweeps

Door sweeps are attached to the front, bottom, and sides of the doors and windows. Door strips are used to save your power bills and prevent rodents’ entry into your house. But if these door sweeps become wet, it will reverse their effect. So, we suggest you replace them from time to time.

Seal the Opening of Cables and Pipes

In the foundation of your home, you find many spaces left open for cables and pipes. It would be wise to seal those openings to stop the entry of rodents and pests.

Say No to General Clutter

It is an old-school tip from our grandparents, and scholars also say that do not clutter your home unnecessarily. Creating mess will collect dust, which later becomes the breeding space for dust mites and silverfish. Don’t keep the pile of waste papers, scrapes, etc., that allows the dust to settle down. The only way is to keep it clean and organized.

Take Care of the Lights of Lawns and Porch

In the evening, all the lights of lawns and porches are left open till dawn. Well, we are not telling you to turn off the lights and live in darkness, but all you can do is close the windows and doors to keep the insects out of your house that attracts light.

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