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5 Reasons Why Cardboard Boxes Are The Best Product Packaging Material

Whether you own a food business, a grocery store, a suppliers business, or you just need to put your children’s stuff up in the attic, you need packaging boxes. Product packaging is everybody’s requirement. What better to pack your things than in a cardboard box. By far, cardboard boxes are the most reliable packaging material that has made their existence essential in our daily lives. A professional packaging company like Mitchel Lincoln has got you covered for your product packaging needs. 

Here are five reasons why cardboard is the best-suited material for packaging products. 

Light Weight

Cardboard boxes are very lightweight. This feature makes them suitable for delivering products to long distances when the weight of the container matters. No matter how thick the box is, the scale will not show much weight. These boxes can be particularly useful in shipping products via cargo planes and cargo ships. 

Since they are very low in weight, cardboard boxes are easy to carry. Unlike plastic boxes or wooden crates, cardboard boxes are much easier to carry. This makes the loading and unloading process easier. You do not need too many hands to carry one box. Whereas, you will need at least two people to carry heavy plastic or wooden boxes.


Cardboard boxes do not cost a great deal. When you are in business and you have to deliver products every single day, expensive packaging can be expensive. You do not want to increase your financial expenditure on unimportant stuff. Cardboard boxes are very cheap. 

Secondly, printing expenses can be huge on some packaging materials, like plastic boxes. Cardboard boxes can be printed easily and at low costs. 

Thirdly, cardboard boxes can be strengthened by adding layers of corrugated sheets. By doing so, there is no significant change in the weight and cost of the box. High-Grade plastic or thick wooden crates become expensive as their strength increases.

Environment Friendly

Cardboard is paper-based material, therefore, it decomposes easily. When using cardboard boxes for packaging, you do not need to worry about land pollution. Plastic or styrofoam can be very difficult to recycle. Secondly, they decompose at a much slower rate. 

You can always reuse cardboard boxes for other purposes. Many DIY tutorials give you ideas on how to make arts and crafts using cardboard boxes. 

Easy To Use

Cardboard boxes are very easy to store. They do not take much space. When filled with things, they can be stacked on one another. When not in use, you can simply unpack the box and store them as sheets. These stacks of sheets can be put anywhere and they will not ask for much space. Whereas, plastic boxes can not be unpacked. You will need to provide them with the space they require, whether filled or empty. 

Secondly, cardboard boxes provide many options for packing. You may use strings or ribbons to close the box, you may glue the lids together or you can use tapes to secure the boxes. Plastic boxes have lid handles, which if broken, make the box useless. 

Product Flexibility

Cardboard boxes can be made into many shapes and sizes. You do not need a product to fit in the box, you make the box that can take in the product. You can pack heavy machinery products like refrigerators, air conditioners, computer desktops to small everyday use products like shoes, clothes, kitchen utensils, and whatnot.

Cardboard boxes are highly flexible and not restricted to a specific type of product. You can buy boxes of any shape, size, and type.

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