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Lake Pleasant Vacation: 11 Essentials for a Fun Vacation on the Water

With so many restrictions in place due to the ongoing coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, people have been suffering from cabin fever and would like to spread their wings and go somewhere freeing for a change—a place where the air is fresh, and the views are spectacular. One such place is a lake. 

Going on a lake vacation is better than a beach vacation because of the numerous activities one can do here. For one, the lake offers amazing sights along its shoreline. Choose from a view of the mountains, forests, or even a more urban scenario from those near major cities. 

Plus, it is one of the best places for a family vacation because it can accommodate visitors of all ages who seek either a relaxing stay or an exciting one. It all depends on the itinerary. 

The United States boasts of hundreds of lakes, and some of the best ones can be found in Arizona. One particular lake is Lake Pleasant, a man-made lake formed when the Waddell Dam was created to obstruct the Agua Fria River. With more than 23,000 acres of water and a beautiful desert landscape, Lake Pleasant is one of the most scenic recreational areas in the Valley. 

The lake is a great spot to indulge in outdoor recreational activities like boating, fishing, camping, kayaking, scuba diving, and many others. No matter what activity you and your companions are into, the lake has something for everyone. To prepare for your next lake vacation at Lake Pleasant, you’ll need to bring the following: 

  1. Your own boat. Explore the scenery that Lake Pleasant provides with a boat. If you don’t have your own, there are boat rentals available for half-day or full-day use. Having your own houseboat is also a great way to enjoy the lake all year. Experience everything that Lake Pleasant has to offer at the comfort of your own “home.” 
  2. Fishing equipment. Fishing is one of the main activities at Lake Pleasant, whether it’s Individual or club fishing, by boat, shoreline, or on the floating bridge by the Pipeline Canyon Trail. Spring and summer are the best seasons to fish here for large-mouth, white, and striped bass. 
  3. Camping equipment. Lake Pleasant Regional Park has numerous campsites, developed sites, semi-developed, and tent sites for visitors to choose from. There are also sites for RVs and similar motorized accommodation. These sites have their own bathing facilities. 
  4. Picnic basket full of food. Aside from campsites, there are also a number of picnic sites around the lake. Enjoy scrumptious food in nature, but make sure to maintain it the way you’ve found it. Always bring a garbage bag with you when picnicking to ensure that no trash ruins the environment and that the animals will not get hurt from your garbage.
  5. Diving equipment. Lake Pleasant is known for having some of the best inland scuba diving sites in the western states, offering a wide variety of terrain for all levels of scuba divers.
  6. Telescope. Stargazing is another activity that is popular in Lake Pleasant. The serenity of the lake and the quiet desert landscape against the backdrop of beautiful Arizona skies make for a perfect evening outdoors. You can teach kids all about the stars and the solar system, point out the constellations, and watch out for comets and wishing stars. 
  7. Inflatable ring and other flotation devices. When vacationing at a lake, there will be a lot of swimming and diving involved. However, there are no lifeguards in Lake Pleasant, so bring floatation devices if you require them.
  8. Hiking boots and gear, and bikes. The whole desert landscape can be best enjoyed by hiking. There are numerous trails available for visitors to use, which can also be used for horseback riding, biking, and even off-roading. 
  9. Bug spray. Summers in Arizona can be a drag thanks to mosquitoes—not only are they annoying, but they can be dangerous, too. Remember to use EPA-registered bug repellents during your stay. 
  10. Disinfecting spray, wipes, and alcohol. Although the likelihood of contracting the coronavirus is minimal in an outdoor setting, it is still essential to keep safe from the deadly disease and observe proper safety and health protocols. 
  11. Extra face masks. With all of the activities you’ll be doing, you might lose your face mask or get them wet. Always bring a spare mask—this pandemic is far from over

A Fun Time at the Lake

Other essentials include swimming shorts and swimsuits, sunblock, and all sorts of sun protection. 

You can still enjoy the wonders of nature and have fun with friends and family, even with the pandemic. Remember to practice the safety protocols against COVID-19 and when out in nature, including drowning and animal attacks. 

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