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KissCartoon – 10 best KissCartoon Alternatives to Watch Cartoons for Free

KissCartoon – Stream Anime/Cartoons Online for Free

The web has been the savior of our generation. Life in the age of digitalization has become so advanced that there is no other option than to learn it. The cartoon and anime has been one of the most renowned and captivating parts of everyone’s childhood. The versions have gone through drastic and complete changes, but the content remained the same.

Previously, the cartoons were only available in hard copies; or sometimes they were broadcasted on the radio. Next came the generation of television where Cartoon Network became an intrinsic part of every household that has a child. Then came different other channels broadcasting cartoons from different nations. The next innovation was YouTube which is still there and the best part of this technical getaway is that it gives the user access to their favorite anime/cartoons anytime anywhere, with a stable internet connection.

Finally, technology has gone so advanced that now cartoons have their online platforms where one can enjoy their favorite cartoons. They can live to stream it, download it or even upload it. There have been popular searching and anime streaming websites that provide 24*7 free streaming of different kinds of cartoons and anime. One of the most popular names there is KissCartoon.

What is KissCartoon?

KissCartoon is one of those websites where one can stream and download their favorite animes or cartoons online for free. The site has been interfaced with a lot of easily navigating options. The contents available there are of very high quality. This site is managed by KissAnime.

The site features a huge variety of US cartoons, animes, and movies. Just like all the other streaming sites on the internet, they do not host any of the content directly to their servers. There is a massive library of cartoons; well organized and well planned; presented in a well-categorized manner.

It makes the navigation of the user to their favorite contents easier. With a fast and flexible user interface, it is the most typical high-definition animation streaming platform. If the user has ad-blocking software in their system, they can serve KissCartoon completely ad-free and cost-free.

However, these free streaming online sites including KissCartoon are not legal as they display and avail authentic brand cartoons and animes without the legal permission of the mother sites. They use pirated versions of comic and cartoon content and let the users have free access to it.

Hence, KissCartoon has faced a legal outrage and has been blocked by the anti-piracy squad on the field of the anti-piracy policy of different countries. However, there are certain mirror sites of KissCartoon which are available and perfectly active where users can see and download their favorite animes and cartoon shows for free.

List of 100%KissCartoon Mirrors-

Here is a list of KissCartoon Mirrors sites that provide complete cost-free services for the users to have access to their unlimited reservoir of cartoons and animes.

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Kimcartoon. Tu Online Very fast off
Kisscartoons. co Online Very fast off Online Very fast off


Top 10 Best KissCartoon Alternatives

Here are the best KissCartoon alternative sites that provide the users easy and hassle-free services to have access to their favorite cartoons and anime content.

#1. is one of the most used and loved KissCartoon alternative available there on the internet.

Here, one can get lost in the huge chunk of organized anime files and overseas as well as indigenous cartoons like The Simpsons, Justice League, Haikyuu, The MARVELS, Diamond Comics, Transformers, and the never-ending list includes many more.

This free access website is of very high speed; hence is the populist alternative of KissCartoon on the internet.

KissCartoon Features:

a) unlimited options to choose from,

b) very high definition content,

c) the video player is inbuilt,

d) it is supportable in all platforms and OS.

#2. KissAnime

If the user is a die-hard anime lover and can’t stop binge-watching their favorite cartoon series, then this is the perfect place to dig in. This is a very well-established and tooled site that provides all the users very rich anime content from different parts of the world.

Some of the rare animes like ‘Weathering with you’, the ‘Naruto series’, ‘Spirited Away’ are only available here. Also, the interface of the users is super easy and smoothly negotiable. The contents are dubbed in the user’s chosen languages; those that can’t be available in the preferred language, then added with the lingual subtitles; both downloadable.

KissAnime Features:

  • Vast collection of anime series and movies
  • Support for multiple languages, including English and Japanese
  • Subbed (with English subtitles) and dubbed (with English voice-over) anime options
  • Various video quality options for different internet speeds
  • Bookmarking and watch history to keep track of progress
  • Community interaction through comment sections
  • Recommendation system to discover new anime series

#3. CartoonExtra

This CartoonExtra is the perfect KissCartoon alternative for them and to prove the perfectionist users wrong.

With an ever-lasting list of contents, both exclusive and vintage, this is the paradise for the kiddos with comics like Dora and her adventures, Sponge Bobs, Loony Toons, and many more. All the users need is to type the name of the comic and it is there. Want to hit by a solid wave of nostalgia for your favorite childhood cartoons? This is the perfect site to stream.

CartoonExtra Features:

a) a Huge amount of content,

b) Access to all platforms,

c) already built video players, and

d) very high-quality video and audio files.

#4. AnimeToon

AnimeToon-minIf the user is wondering where they could find the best quality videos of their favorite childhood cartoons and animes, AnimeToon is the perfect place to dodge in. From all the episodes of Ben 10, American Dad, Tom and Jerry, and Pokémon are some of those vintage cartoons that are available in the dubbed languages as well.

Besides, this site is available for all the cartoon and anime materials from different ages.

AnimeToon Features:

a) very simple and accessible site,

b) huge reservoir or content,

c) in-built audio and video players, and

d) any platform and OS supportable.

#5. is one of the most easily accessible websites for keen visitors of anime and cartoon shows. This site has a huge database, a very high speed (both streaming and downloading); it also has a very video and audio quality unending flow of contents.

Apart from all the good things, one thing that might annoy the users for a while; is the unavoidable pop-up and ads.

KimCartoon Features:

  • Huge content
  • very easily accessible
  • video player is inbuilt,
  • high definition audio
  • high-quality video.

#6. 9Anime

9Anime-minIf the user is addicted to cartoons and animes, irrespective of language, country, and genres, then it is seriously advisable that the visitors should visit 9Anime. It’s my favorite and working kisscartoon alternative to stream anime online.

With a very smooth interface, user-friendly navigation options, and the option for optimization-all these exclusive features and advantages make this site an A+ favorite among the users.

9Anime Features:

a) large amount of contents,

b) inbuilt audio and video players,

c) High-quality videos and

d) high-definition audios.

#7. Toonova

TooNova-minAnother favorite KissCartoon alternative available and properly functioning on the internet is Toonova. The name suggests itself that it is the Casanova of Toons. It is a little more advanced; here once the user types the name of their favorite/desirable cartoon/anime name, a list with different files with the same name will appear. Once the user clicks on any of the files as per his/her requirements (size, no of seeders and leechers); he/she will be directed to a new page with additional information.

The additional page includes a review of the show, its premiere history, ratings, and its genre. This is an old site that is equally updated with time and every cartoon’s every single exclusive episode is uploaded here very frequently. As it also has a huge number of mirror sites, there will be no availability issues.

Toonova Features:

a) High speed,

b) huge content,

c) high-quality audio and video,

d) available and supportable on any platform, and

e) it is completely cost-free.

#8. Crunchyroll

There are two kinds of sites; one is completely free of cost and another is cost-friendly. The above websites are all of the former categories; cost-free. However, Crunchyroll is a payable website where cartoons and anime shows are available with a standard amount of money. Here, the contents are not of very large sizes; they are user-friendly.

The ultimate and exclusive episodes of the anime shows are updated and available on the website very frequently. Here, is good news for the Japanese comic lovers; in this site, one whole section is loaded with varieties of the genre of Japanese comics. Here, the Manga comics are also available.

Crunchyroll Features:

a) it contains high-quality audio and video files,

b) with an in-built video player,

c) it is accessible and usable on any platform, and

d) it costs a subscription charge of $7.99/month for 2 weeks of free trials.

#9. ToonJet

This is popular KissCartoon alternatives that contains all the available (vintage and popular, recent and exclusive, any language comics) comics here, without spending a single penny. It is free and it has a very high demand because of some of its exclusive features. It has a very high speed; it contains the most special and rare comics and animes of the comic world.

One can even find here the most recent episodes of any comic- popular or least popular. This website does not solely focus on animes; they project and provide movies as well. It is a completely children-friendly site; no content here is objectionable.

ToonJet Features:

a) free of cost,

b) high-quality content,

c) high video quality,

d) user-friendly, and

e) kids would love to access this site.

#10. ToonGet

From Ben10 to Loony Tunes; from Noddy to Oswald; no anime or cartoon is unavailable in this mirror and best alternative site of KissCartoon. LEGO, Star Wars is some of the most popular animes that everyone loves to read and watch. It again also has a drawback- there are ads there that are irritating as cannot be avoided. However, if this little hassle leads to an ocean of easy access, it’s worth sustaining to this negligible suffering.

ToonGet Features:

a) high-quality contents,

b) free of cost/no registration charge,

c) accessible in any platform,

d) with an in-built video player.

How to stream KissCartoon via VPN?

  1. First, go to VPN.
  2. Click the red button for purchasing a described subscription plan.
  3. The prices are shown as time-limited; however, it is an old marketing strategy to make the user sign up as soon as possible.
  4. Choose your suitable plan.
  5. Create a user account and select a payment method.
  6. It is important to download the right and suitable client for the user’s OS and install it properly. (VPN is available for Windows, Android, iOS, Chrome, Firefox, Linux, and macOS).
  7. Next is to launch the client by logging in.
  8. Last, establish a safe VPN connection to any of the suitable servers.
  9. Enjoy any of the sites KissCartoon or any of the alternative sites to enjoy favorite cartoons and animes unlimitedly free.

KissCartoon FAQs-

#1. Is KissCartoon safe?

Answer: Yes, it is a safe site to access only when an authentic VPN is used for privacy in a place where the site is banned.

#2. Is KissCartoon legal?

Answer : No

#3. Are the KissCartoon alternatives safe to use?

Answer: They all are safe. However, to be the safest, it is advisable to use a VPN.

#4. Are the sites chargeable for the contents?

Answer: Most of the above sites do not put any charge for the service. One can very easily access one’s favorite content.

#5. How to stop the pop-ups?

Answer: As pop-ups are annoying, there is a way out of solving this problem. The user can download an ad-blocker extension in their browser and activate it. Then it will prevent the ads to come up and annoy the users.

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The above post is a sigh of relief to the users who are blind fans of KissCartoon. As this site is a little against the safety policy, it might happen to be banned by the Gov any time. There is nothing to panic about. Above are the best alternative sites of KissCartoon which will not cease users from entertaining with their favorite animes and cartoons.

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