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15 Best Game Hacker Apps for Android (With/Without Root)-

Game hacking apps for Android phone are very popular for improving game performance and cheating among hackers.

If the reader is a core gamer, a frequent and updated player, and wants to advance their level as players, this particular article is a must-read for them. This article talks about the different apps that help the players crack through the versions and discover more about the games.

In this article, there is an elaborate discussion on what is game hacking, and the 15 top game hacking apps for Android.

What is Game Hacking?

Technology has taken such a special position in our daily lives; we have been dominated and controlled in every sphere of life by this scientific innovation. Entertainment has gone completely tech-based; there is another thing that has becomes completely virtual. 

Online games have become one of the most used leisure tools by people. There are different versions of online games. Some are free; some has both online and offline mode of playing. Again some others are only possible to play with internet connections. 

People of different ages become so addicted to the games that they can barely take the normal versions of the games; they want to break into other levels. These are possible only by different sorts of technical tools. The method is called hacking.

About Hacking and Apps-

Hacking is a kind of cheating that is not a fair game. However, it has become a trend. With this process of hacking some players can become more powerful than the others which helps them win the game as they can operate them on their Android devices. 

This allows the players to use mods to score better and ease up the level crossing. The best part of hacking is with the help of this, one can download a paid game on their Android devices for free.

However, not every game is possible to be hacked. There are mainly two kinds of games- one is client-side games where all the information regarding the game is stored in the Android device of the user. The other one is the server games, where the game data are saved in encrypted form at the dedicated online servers.

The former one is easy to hack game while the latter one is quite difficult to hack and mostly impossible because of their regular modifications. 

15 Working Game Hacker apps for Android Device

#1. HackerBot

In market, the most popular Android game hacking app available is HackerBot. At the official website, Hackerbot.net, one can find different working hacking apps for famous games like Call of Duty Warzone, PUBG, Pokémon Go, Minecraft, and many more. 

Pros: It helps the gamers advance through processing in-game cash, extra lives, and amplifying scores. The players can also search for the cheat of the game they want to hack; they can also choose the types of hacking as well.

Hackerbot Features:

  1. There are programmed multi-platform tricks and tips for hacking. 
  2. There are tutorial videos as well to guide the gamer about the process of hacking. 
  3. Here, the hacking processes, tips, and tricks are regularly updated.
  4. There is an in-built search engine to find the most popular hack results.
  5. Android 4.1 or above is adaptable for the processing of this app.
  6. It is a rare game hacking app without root. 

#2. Xmodgames

If one is to name the best Android game hacker application, Xmodgames is the best one. It has an official website from its official website. 

Pros- It is the best app that can hack all possible player games with ease. After downloading, it applies certain patches to the game to manipulate and control the game to the player’s advantage. 

Cons- It works only for the rooted devices. It is not available in the Google Play store.    

Xmodgames Features:

  • It is available with an inbuilt screen recording system.
  • This app can be used to hack popular games like PUBG, Clash of Clans, GTA, and more.
  • As the mobile games keep on updating daily, the manufacturers keep on advancing the compatibility of the app to different games. 
  • Besides cheating, one can use certain mods with which they can improve the game graphics and performances.

#3. Cheat Engine

Cheat Engine has been keeping up its reputation as one of the most useful and friendly game hacking apps for Android. 

Pros: With its regular and periodic modifications, it can manipulate famous games and applications. For single-player games, the difficulty setting and the debug issue can be resolved with this cheating app. It can be used for speed hacks, 3D manipulations (direct), system inspection, assembler as well as dissembler, and more. There is an in-built tutorial as well. 

Cheat Engine Features:

  1. It has its wiki page with all the tutorials in detail. 
  2. Android ARM 32-bit, Android ARM 64-bit, Android ARM 7, Linux x86, and 64 are adaptable systems for this app.
  3. For single-player and offline games, this hacking app is perfect.
  4. It is completely free to use.

#4. Game Guardian

Among all the free game hacker apps for Android, Game Guardian is one. 

Pros- Game Guardian can be used on both old and new Android phones. It is also adaptable to rooted as well as non-rooted devices as well. Its extensive features are 100% free. It is used for multi-purposes, to amplify the game speed, money, health, coins, and many more. 

Cons: This app has significant limitations when it is used on a non-rooted device. Besides, this is not available in the Google Play store; one has to go to the official website to download and use it. 

Game Guardian Features:

  1. Game Guardian is supported in every ARM, x64, and x86 devices along with Android emulators designed for PC like Bluestacks, KOplayers, etc.
  2. It runs on Android Gingerbread, Marshmallow, Lollipop, and all the latest versions of Android OS.
  3. It is a multi-lingual app, covering more than 50 languages. 
  4. Game Guardian is free to use the app for hacking. 

#5. Freedom APK

This is another free Game Hacking app that is possible to be downloaded and used on Android devices to advance the gaming options. 

Pros: With this app on the phone, one can unlock game cash, advance to the next levels, coins, and other exclusive items in the game. 

Cons- It is only available for the rooted devices. It requires an Android OS 2.3 version or later versions also with a minimum memory of 512 MB RAM. 

Freedom APK Features:

  1. From Angry Birds to Badland, Candy Crush, Asphalt, all popular games can be hacked with the help of this app. 
  2. Freedom APK also provides the user a dummy credit card number to purchase applications that are paid.
  3. This app help you to bypass the license verifying issues.
  4. This application updates regularly.
  5. It also allows the player to apply multiple patches to a single game.
  6. The best advantage of Freedom APK is it applies to a limited level of hacking in certain server-based online games as well. 

#6. Nox

Nox is one of the best game hacking app for Android to ease out your gameplays by hacking them. 

Pros- It allows the user to remap the controls of the game according to one’s favor. This feature makes the game faster and more efficient. 

Nox Features:

  1. For location depended on games like Ingress and Pokémon Go, this app can mock the GPS locations that make the gamer to be able to play the game in any situation. 
  2. It has an integrated internal root system that assures no damage in the Android devices while rooting for it. 
  3. It is compatible with all games and game hacking apps. 

#7. Bluestacks

It is the best game hacking software for the PC users of this and the previous generations. 

Pros: It is another popular PC emulator. It makes the gaming distraction-free and takes it to the next level. For that, it uses the least amount of memory along with lower CPU usage. All these improve the gaming standard and performance. 

Cons: it is not available in the Google Play store. 

Bluestacks Features:

  1. It can remap the maps and the GPS locations to the advantage of the player. 
  2. Bluestacks has performed 6 times better and faster than the Samsung Galaxy S9+.
  3. Bluestacks is free for all apps to download from their official website.

#8. GameCih

It is again a very apt competitor for this purpose and an equally good game hacking app to use for Android users to enhance their gaming performances

Pros: This app allows the users to hack and modify most of the online and offline games according to the user’s advantage. 

Cons- It is only available for the rooted devices only. 

GameCih Features:

  1. It is a very powerful and adaptable Android software app. 
  2. It is a source free Android app that can be used by any Android device player.
  3. GameCih makes the process of hacking the smoothest for the users. Hence it is one of the most used hack tools for Android games. 

#9. Creehack

If the player is planning to use a free app to advance their gaming options, this Creehack app is the best to hack Android games a few times .

Pros: It allows the player to crack almost any Android game. Besides, with it, the player can avail of many in-app purchase facilities without even spending a single penny for it. Also, it is available with differential and adaptable features for both old and new Android smart phones.

Cons: Though it is available for non-rooted devices, the features are limited in nature.

Creehack Features:

  1. Creehack is available in a very small size of just 1.6MB.
  2. It is adaptable with Android versions of 4.0 and later.
  3. Creehack is rated with a very high rating by the users; 4.8/5.

#10. Lucky Patcher

Another of the best online Android-based game-hacking app is Lucky Patcher. It is a very popular app for the Android platform online gamers. 

Pros: it removes the annoying ads in the middle of the games which are very much distracting. One can also remove undesired system apps, to create a backup. The app is rated 4.8/5 by the users on the official website and has also been downloaded more than 1 billion times by the users. 

Lucky Patcher Features:

  1. It requires Android 4.0 and the latest ones to be installed on the device.
  2. Lucky Patcher blocks the ads gain free coins, and all other in-game features to make the user perform in a better way. 
  3. It can turn simple apps into system apps to increase its efficiency. 
  4. This app will help enjoy all the in-game purchase premium plans without paying a single penny. 

#11. SB Game Hacker

This free-of-cost game-hacking app is very healthy. 

Pros: SB Game Hacker app enhances the objectives of the game by increasing the character speed and helping the player win money. It is also usable to hack all the offline games along with some online games as well. This application is fit for both rooted and non-rooted devices. It comes with a very well explained tutorial app as well as its official website. 

Cons- For the non-rooted devices, its facility is very less. It is not available in the Google Play app store.  

SB Game Hacker Features:

  1. One of the best hacking app for Android device games. 
  2. One can use the altered values (attack points, clock time, use of a weapon) and affect the game by using this hacking app.
  3. SB Game Hacker also helps to block ads in more than one game.     
  4. It helps to gain more coins and save lives for the player to stretch on to playing one single game.

#12. Game Killer

Another free game-hacking app that enhances the performance of the games on Android devices. 

Pros: it introduces new codes while the game is on from the background. One can modify the values and features of the game by using this app. 

Game Killer Features:

  1. One can download this app APK for free, no in-app purchase to be paid. 
  2. Game Killer is capable to change the game points, game values, game time of the game. 
  3. It can hack games that have lower to moderate level security.

#13. Freedom

This ethical game-hacking app is very popular amongst the Subway Surfers and Temple Run players. 

Pros- This app helps the player get unlimited access to keys and coins in the mentioned games. It makes in-game purchases free of cost. 

Cons- It is usable for rooted Android phones.


  1. With the help of this app, one can get access to unlimited game props and features which previously were payable. 
  2. It removes the ads and keeps the continuity of the game intact.
  3. It uses several patches and mods for exploiting Android games.
  4. The full version of any game would be possible to download on the Android device that has this app downloaded and active in them.
  5. It keeps on modifying and updating regularly.

#14. Leo Play Card

This Leo Play Card is similar to that of the Creehack app. For the players who want to have more lives, more coins, gems, and enhance the level of the game via hacking. 

Pros: It is available for rooted as well as non-rooted devices. With this app, one can have Android apps in purchase for free. Leo Play Card is the most used hacking app in the famous game Temple 2.

Cons- There is no permission to apply and use this game for online games. Also, it is not available in the Play Stores.

#15. File Manager

This is another in-built way to hack games on Android phones. File managers like Root Explorers, ES File Managers help to break and change the configuration of the games into the granular levels. 

Pros: with the help of this feature, one can change the game difficulty levels, game prices, resources, and initial charge of the money.

Cons: This is only possible for a rooted Android phone. It changes only in the offline versions of the games. To use this feature, the device needs to have certain file types like .db and .sql databases without which the hacking is not possible at all. 


These android Game hacking apps make certain changes in the games that it becomes easier for the players to cross difficult levels and proceed through the game with enhanced pace.

Above are the most favorite game hacking apps for Gamers to use to make your gaming experience enjoyable and relaxing.

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