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AngularJS Key Features Essential to Know the Developers

AngularJS is the most popular front end framework. This technology is based on Javascript open source attribute, and maintained by Google. It is written in Javascript.

For front end developers, it has turned as a most preferred platform as this framework offers several benefits such as helps to developers to create Single Page based applications, allow to reuse the components, and uses dependency injection.

This framework was launched in the year 2012. However, it is preferred by most of the developers as Angular.JS is easy to use and provides several powerful tools such as Djangular and Ment.io that helps to boost the development process.

If you are planning to hire a Angular.JS developer, then make sure that a developer should be proficient with these powerful tools and match with your project requirements.

In this blog, let us know the key features of this framework

Key Features of Angular.JS

MVC Architecture

Angular.JS supports MVC pattern. MVC stands for Model View  and controller Architecture, which helps to separate the app into these three different parts. The model layer helps developers to manage the application data, view part, manage the display part, and controller connects both view and model layers.

This turns Angular.JS development easier and faster.

Quality Code

This framework offers unit testing features to the developers, which helps to deliver high quality web applications to the users. It has been considered as a major feature of the Angular.JS.

The unit testing feature allows developers to separate the code into different smaller unit coding parts, which helps to detect the errors easily and they can detect the code in a single line, which turns the testing process more accurate. However, it improves the quality of the solutions.

Less coding

With Angular.JS programmers have to write less code, and they can integrate many functionalities with the same code. This framework turns the complicated process simple and easy in an effortless manner. Apart from this, developers don’t have to write code to connect it with MVC layers. It saves a lot of time for the developers.

Deep Linking

The best feature of the Angular.JS is it allows developers to bookmark the web pages. It helps to save the URL without changing the state of the page. However, whenever the user will require the web page, this feature helps to reflect them in the same state.

Inbuilt Dependency Injection

This feature helps to understand the application easily in the development process. Developers can easily test the application without any hurdle. It boosts the development process.

Not Browser Specific

Angualr.JS is not browser specific. It supports all the major browsers and smartphones including Android and iOS based phones/tablets platforms. Angular.JS supports Class A browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE8, and Android.

High Speed and Performance

Angular.JS offers high speed and performance to the developers. It provides a faster development process in three parts which includes code generation, splitting, and universal.

These three blends boost the development process into faster and effective.

Data Binding

For data binding functionality, developers don’t have to write the separate code. They can add some snippets of code. It allows to easily bind data from HTML to application data. However, developers don’t have to write any extra code for this process.


In single page applications, Routing turns easier as Angular.JS offers easy navigation from one view to another. With this, for other information, users don’t have to opt for the other web page, by only simple scrolling users are able to navigate from one view to another. They don’t opt for the reloading process.

Developed by Google

The major benefit of Angular.JS is, it is maintained by Google – Pioneer of the digital world. It means that this framework is managed by highly skilled professional engineers. They are able to resolve any technical issues within seconds, it has the best support hand, and this feature attracts many developers towards it.

Support by huge community

Angular.JS is supported by a huge community of developers across the world. It is based on an open source feature and supported by the professionals and experts. As they used to modify the code as per their project requirements.


Angular.JS offers several features to the developers, and it has turned into a dominant Javascript framework in the development sector. However, this framework helps to deliver the powerful and robust web applications in the market.

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